Alaska Iditarod Sparks Controversy


Race in Alaska Iditarod is held each year in March ignites controversy over the treatment of dogs. This popular event, which is intended to commemorate Alaska's culture and heritage Alaskan Husky sled down the mountain and hilly terrain. MUSHing was a means of transportation in Alaska in the early years with a team of sled dogs that pull the sled with the driver on board.

The route for the year on the basis of race starts. Even numbered years, the routes run from Anchorage to Ruby. This northern route. In uneven numbered years, the route running from Anchorage to Unalakleet, the southern route. The distance of the race is about 1200 miles and a & # 39 is the longest sled dog race in the world.

The first Iditarod was held in 1973 and was reportedly 15 to 19 dogs died during the race. It is estimated that about 130 dogs have died since the first days of the race, when there was no official count taken of the number of deaths. Thus, the exact number of dog deaths in the early years is not known.

Over the past ten years we have shown death due to suffocation in towlines, internal bleeding, liver damage, heart failure and pneumonia. Also included as a reason for some of the deaths from the & # 39 is the deterioration of the muscles and organs of dogs during extreme exercise. There have been cases of drivers to push their dog to death by hitting them with sharp objects and sled dogs through the dangerous deep water and ice.

During the race, the dogs endure spinal injuries, bone fractures, inflamed paws, torn muscles, joint pains, dehydration and diarrhea. About half of the dogs who start the race are not able to make it to the finish.

In preparing the dogs for the race, reported that some dogs are injured or killed by a debilitating steps they are later. Training is carried out in remote areas of Alaska and many dogs have to pull very heavy loads. Strain to pull the load can cause the hip and spine injuries.

Drovers also criticized for culling dogs. They are accused of the murder of any puppies or dogs that do not meet the standards of good dog race.

Along the race track, there are about twenty checkpoints with the veterinarian on duty to provide medical care for the dogs. These control points are used as a recreation area for dogs and musher. The dogs were fed and allowed to rest at these checkpoints and any dog ​​that with the & # 39 is the sick or injured on the left of the checkpoint.

Veterinarians who care for dogs at checkpoints protect the treated animals, saying, say many untruths about dogs who work themselves to death. They argue that the number of deaths of dogs is normal, if you think you're talking about 1000 dogs, so three to five deaths out of 1,000 dogs are not alarming indicator. Nurseries that House of 1000 dogs can expect about 3 deaths in the two-week period.

Almost all the drovers with & # 39 are members of several groups of animal care products which contribute to responsible care, and humane treatment of dogs. They say that the stories about dogs and whip could not be further from the truth. They went out from exaggeration and causing protests from animal rights activists.

Mushers love their dogs, and argue that instinct Alaskan Husky with & # 39 is a run and pull the sled. That's what they were bred for, as well as bird dogs that hunt birds instinctively. Husky has been used for generations in Alaska to pull a sled, so it's easy for them, while it would be very difficult for some of the other breeds of dogs. Taking one ton sled off the ground with a & # 39 is that one Husky is able to do. Wear resistance with & # 39 is the strength of the company Husky.

Thus, the struggle between the pursuer and animal rights continues, as does the race itself. In the first race in 1973, the prize pool was $ 50,000. This figure rose to $ 500,000 in the race last year and the race is scheduled to run again next year in March, as always.


Huge benefits in the aroma of wild Alaska seafood


If you are a seafood lover, it is difficult to ignore the horror stories that come from around the world. With toxic Chinese seafood farms in unsanitary conditions Louisiana catfish breeding, it is difficult to say what is good and what is not, if you go to the market anymore. One thing you can be sure that the production in unpolluted waters give the quality of the catch. But it can discriminate against the consumer appeal in what direction?

Although it may depend on where you are, in most cases the answer will appear in the north-west. Alaska seafood stocks held strong to supply wild Alaska crab, shrimp, scallops, salmon and whitefish will continue to be collected in force. What is behind the Alaska system, which does not lag behind other major industries? You can see all the way back to the inclusion of Alaska, to see what happened.

Since the constitution was written in the late 1950s, it was clear that the protection of the marine environment had to be considered. In the end, when the number of these marine treasures continues to decrease, which will be the Alaska? The fate of the state, seemed tied to a population of wild crab in Alaska and other species. If these natural wonders have been delivered to the rest of the country in their proper form, the welfare of the population for an indefinite period may be warranted at some levels.

There is simply no comparison between the taste of wild crab in Alaska, for example, crabs harvested in the bays of New Jersey. The former has the cold waters of Alaska for spawning accumulated lovingly selection crab meal. Last abound contaminants acquired from irresponsible local authorities and big business. The reason why Alaska is sometimes the target of jokes (its small population, lack of urban development) for the same reason why its seafood remain in such excellent condition. This is in many ways the last frontier for seafood lovers. While other spots around the world fall on the card, wild Alaska seafood supply continues to flourish, keeping in mind these delicacies will be on the market.


Environmental reasons not to drill in Alaska


The debate about whether to lower drilling in Alaska was political

Hot potatoes for many decades. Though he & # 39 is home to one of the largest oil fields in

country, it is also a & # 39 is home to a large number of protected wildlife.

Since the energy crisis of the late 70s political debates between groups and

Alaskan citizens, drilling in Alaska is conducted in step with fever.

The recent rise in fuel prices has led this question more and more US citizens

attention. We are constantly looking for other places to get our fuel and

Alaska with & # 39 is our own backyard! However, wildlife is quite a dilemma

Deputy. Many are opposed to drilling in Alaska, for environmental reasons and have

legitimate reasons for their problems.

The main problem among Alaska Natives that drilling on the shore will

ultimately, lead to off shore exploration. Alaska Natives are concerned

that any off shore drilling would interfere with the migration of whales in Alaska.

Bowhead whale with & # 39 is an important part of national culture, life and diet.

The Canadian government is concerned that any development would disrupt oil

Caribbean migration patterns Porcupine herd. This is a clear problem

because the United States and Canada signed an agreement in 1987 that set out

protection and preservation for flocks and their migration routes.

In addition, there are other animals whose homes and habits will be affected

drilling. Birds, fish and polar bears – the list goes on. Scientists believe

it would upset the entire natural chain in this area, which may lead to

disgust for indigenous peoples and their cultures.

Many scientists believe that the development of industry in this untouched

The area of ​​the world will have a strong negative impact on the cultural survival

the indigenous population that survived and flourished in Alaska so far.

Abstracts society largely depends on wildlife and the natural environment

Alaska for their survival and existence. Alaska Native

fear of oil spills pollute their waterways again and irreparable damage

their beautiful pristine home. In addition, for many indigenous

many people in Alaska is considered sacred ground. This means that we would be

breaking not only the wildlife and culture, but also the religious part of his life

as well.

Scientists also worry about the consequences that oil technology will be in

climate and tundra. It should be noted that, despite the fact that drilling Sun

now in some areas, the effects of global warming

create one big change. In the absence of modern industry, at present the effects of

industry in other areas, melting glaciers, rising temperatures and the creation of

pollution already in Alaska. Many are concerned that the increased

local drilling would have on these issues is already exciting.

It should also be noted, many environmentalists and scientists that drilling in Alaska

only further postpone our inevitable need to focus on alternative energy sources

sources. Many people think that, instead of violating nature in Alaska, we

I should spend more time in the labs developing ways to heat our homes and power

our other cars other than oil. The amount of oil in the Alaskan reserves & # 39 is a very

discussed, but is still minimal at best and will not lead to long-term or unlimited

food, but the consequences of our efforts on exploration and drilling will

long-term and continuous, unlike the fuel supply .. Scientists raised point

we must invest in research and conversion to alternative fuel method,

than investing in a temporary solution, which exposes the potential for other



Great day trip in Alaska


Alaska with & # 39 is a huge country, and if you are planning to in the near future to visit any time, you're probably wondering what the best way to spend time is. How can you make sure that you get the most out of your time in the trip of a lifetime? What are the best places to see, to experience the beauty and culture of the Arctic States of America? Here are some of the best day trips available in the State of Alaska.

In Juneau, you'll want to visit the Admiralty Island to experience their viewing safari bear package that they offer. You will board a seaplane in Juneau and land on Admiralty Island, where you can take a picture of a bear safely on their eating grounds. Flight and holiday package with Taku Glacier Lodge & # 39 is another excellent option. You will fly into the wilderness lodge and enjoy a meal of smoked salmon dinner, and in search of native wildlife on the many trails around the lodge. If you are interested in being famous glaciers of Alaska, and then take the Glacier Bay National Park Cruise, who & # 39 is a day cruise around the national park, where you will revel in the beauty of icebergs, while the study of the history of their creation.

In Haines, you can see some of the rarest birds in the world, the American bald eagle. You can take a raft to save Eagle that soars you through the Chilkat Valley, where these majestic birds have been nesting for many years. You can also enjoy the beauty of the glaciers towering over you, taking your four-hour trip. To see Alaska Natives, consider taking Tlingit village of Klukwan tour. This tour allows you to explore some of the traditional customs of the people are growing in this area.

If your visit takes you in Seward, you will want to consider Wilderness sled ride. This tour will allow you to experience the thrill of the sled dog team that works as one to get you through the desert. Do not worry if there is not an abundant amount of snow, because these specially designed sled run with or without the white stuff. Be sure to spend some time seeing the puppies on the site! Seward also & # 39 is a great place to do a helicopter tour. You hover over some of America's most treasured mountains and take a short hike on Godwin glacier. While on the glacier Godwin, you can experience a team of snow dogs, no matter what the season!

If you decide to spend your vacation in Alaska Anchorage, then you want to experience the Portage Glacier Cruise. It is an affordable way to explore the icebergs that make the famous Alaska. It lasts about an hour, so that you can include additional Anchorage City Tour, which will allow you to explore the native history of the largest city in Alaska. Anchorage from & # 39 is a great city to establish a day trip to Denali National Park. You can fly there from Anchorage and take a bus tour through the park. This is the best way to ensure that you find some time wildlife park. This all day trip, so pack plenty of water and snacks! To view the marine life, head to Ken Fjords National Park Cruise where you will see the coast of Alaska, and many of its marine life. Keep your eyes to detect whale!


Value that occurs Alaskan fish industry and its


Alaska with & # 39 is the largest state in the United States by area, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that he has a lot to offer. Although his biggest exporter of oil and natural gas, the state could actually be the most well-known for its thriving fishing industry. In fact, 50% of US seafood production comes from Alaska, which makes the majority. In the end, it is even possible to say that the state value arises from its fishing industry and the policies associated with it.

While other states is almost as big as Alaska, none of them can compare to its seafood production. One reason for this stems from the fact that the coast of Alaska are so massive. No state comes close to the number of shoreline that Alaska is not even long enough states like California or Florida. Location is also important. It just so happens that a number of high-value species of seafood makes its way to Alaska at some point in their lives, including salmon, cod, crab and lobster, among many others. If you take these two facts in mind, it's no surprise that Alaska is responsible for 50% of US production of seafood.

Alaska also & # 39 is significant for several other reasons. Although with the amazing generosity of seafood is one thing, to manage it with respect for nature with a & # 39 is quite another matter. From seafood caught there, the measures must be met in order to help the state to adhere to the concept of sustainable yield. In fact, the steady output just make sure that overfishing does not occur. This is done by obtaining a tag populations seafood pre-season and establishing quotas respectively. Alaska will continue to be responsible for 50% of US seafood production for years to come thanks to these kinds of policies.

Of course, it is not enough to set the quota; they must be enforced as well. There are several ways, Alaska is about doing it. For example, the boat can not be larger than a certain size, which makes overfishing impractical. In addition, the boat must be equipped with GPS systems so that they can be constantly monitored. By only allowing boats access to certain areas for a certain period of time, the depletion of fish stocks is becoming much harder to do. Attached to these kinds of measures, stiff penalties are imposed on fields that break the rules. Not only is the world enjoy seafood that comes from Alaska, but is interested in sustainability efforts too.

Due to its thriving fishing industry and highly praised the efforts of sustainability, Alaska is famed worldwide. The next time you eat seafood, you can thank Alaska all this is done. In the end, since it is responsible for 50% of US production of seafood, most likely, all that you enjoy come from there.


Seductive Luxury Alaska Cruises for All


Alaska with & # 39 is a land of wildlife and beautiful scenery. This is one place that fascinates you and invites you to explore its natural beauty and picturesque life. You have always been a fantasy on a cruise, but never had the time to accomplish this? This is the right time. Pack your bags and go on a luxury cruise Alaska.
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Inviting land of Alaska offers a wide selection of tours and cruises that you can explore and experience.

Not only the ship and the water that surrounds it, the cruise offers a lot more. Fall in love with the natural beauty of Alaska it unfolds for you. Visiting Mt. McKinley, who also has Dan National Park. You can go hiking, climbing and wildlife viewing. There is something in store for everyone. Salmon fish all day, there are mouth watering carries that your liner offers you and spend some quality time with family & # 39; It and family.
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All this and more could become a reality with Alaska luxury cruises.

Today you will find a large number of places that offer to plan a cruise for you and your family & # 39; and. You can choose according to your budget and the time is at hand. The Internet has many sites that are planning a tour for you and give you many other benefits.
Many of seven days luxury cruises start at just $ 499 and give you the best benefits. Many websites offer travel options to customize and give you all the comfort that you particularly want.

The flora and fauna of the place invites you. Watch eagles inflamed higher in the sky, bears cuddle up below and you will see your own risk towering above. You can also sea kayak in Ketchikan and witness the wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula.

So do not waste any more time. Take your bags and book a vacation luxury cruise in Alaska and experience the happiness of a lifetime.


Easy access to the Wilderness; Alaska & # 39 – Ken Fjords Glacier Bay Lodge


When I went to the International Airport Ted Stevens Anchorage crystal clear day, I looked out over the expansive views of the mountains Chugash, Harding Ice Field and Ken Fjords National Park, south-central Alaska & # 39; s Ken.

My adventure begins traversing the 130-mile stretch of highway from Anchorage to the seaside town of Seward.
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According to many, with the & # 39 is one of America # 39; s most beautiful drives, Seward Highway offers many WOW moments along the way. Keep your eyes on the road has become too complicated, I # 39; d pull off and take in the expansive prospects Turnagain Arm in Chugash ranges and majestic glaciers.

Once in Seward, Alaska is one of the & # 39; s oldest and most picturesque coastal community, I found a lot of tourist and charter options ranging from salmon and halibut charters, Ken fjord tours and Life Center Alaska Sea.
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In the summer months, Seaward comes to life, which acts as a gateway for Ken Fjords National Park and Resurrection Bay.

My fist full day in Alaska to me from on board the Seaward 40 & # 39; landing craft Ken Fjords Glacier Lodge, the only eco-lodge in the park. Our landing ship also served as a water taxi for kayakerova groups heading to the park for a long tour in canoes.
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Once the group disembarked at a deserted pebble beach with their kayak and equipment, they are on their own within a week. Time and place of pick reaffirmed by the captain before the & # 39 entrance. As we continue motoring towards Holgate Glacier, we sight a group of Dall Porpoise play bow is easy to keep up.

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After an hour at the end of Holgate Glacier, I relished in the jaw dropping display of ice calving. When I looked through the images of glaciers and fjords I recently captured on my camera captain announced that soon we are approaching our goal. As we crossed the calm waters of the Gulf of Aialik, a view of the glacier Pedersen dominates the landscape; it will become the center of my stay in Ken Fjords Glacier Lodge for the next two days.

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Welcoming party from the box waiting on the shore, as our deck hand lowered the ladder on a pebble beach. As we walked to the beach, our luggage and supplies were unloaded on ATVs. I chose a 15-minute walk from the house to provide opportunities for quick orientation and introduction to the recently completed an eco-lodge. It was clear that the land which I walked on was recently covered by glaciers.

Young alder, dotted the landscape for a long time with other "pioneer plants", but the soil in any number was a few decades away, as the slow process of building soil continued.

On my orientation, I learned that attracts most visitors Ken Fjords Glacier Lodge with & # 39 is its location and stunning views of the glacier lagoon and Pedersen. Located on 1700 acres in the Kenai Fjords National Park, in one way or & # 39; s the only lodge in the park. The house was opened in 2008 after two years of development. Good to note that all possible precautions have been used to save construction site in its original pure state.

The 16 beautifully appointed guest cabins related side walks, all enjoy unobstructed views of the lagoon and Pedersen Pedersen Glacier. The main house was built in part through the use of large timbers cut from the site on which the house was built. Oversized windows in the living room provide an excellent vantage point for viewing the wildlife in and around the lagoon. Crowded chairs and firewood invite relaxation along with some wine tasting. Craft rocking line the outer deck and provide a comfortable outdoor gathering area. Photographers will find a picture postcard vista created by the glacier complex of & # 39; an object to resist as the soft morning and evening light to play along with his personality.

Before my family luxury dinner & # 39; styles and coordinator of activities is checked with me to see if I was to hike to the glacier the next morning. Three-mile round-trip hike that starts and ends with a canoe across the lagoon just one of the popular activities available in Ken Fjords Glacier Lodge. During my hike the next day I saw black bears; sea ​​otters; eagles; mountain goats; and a cacophony of birds that inhabit this desert setting. Kayaking trips Aialik Bay is popular for those seeking a little more adventure during their stay and require some endurance.

In general, I was most impressed with the sense of respect for the land and the wildlife that was evident throughout my two nights. There was no violation of the surrounds with the exception of the following buildings and paths leading to it. Lodge staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Activity and Nutrition charts offer a relaxed rhythm, which I found refreshing and soothing. Retreat like setting allows nature to take center stage, as it should be in the center of Ken Fjords National Park.


Christmas – Unique Celebrations and Traditions in Alaska, Africa and Australia!


Christmas with the & # 39 is a remarkable event in many countries around the world. Here are three of the country, in Alaska, Africa and Australia all located in very different parts of the world, and each of them has its own unique traditions and holidays. Here are some of their fascinating traditions and holidays.

Alaska – "Carrying the stars" with a & # 39 is the traditional Christmas procession. Young and old are ornate tinsel trimmed wheels with eight points, usually as big as umbrellas. They stand out from the central picture, or an angel, or a den. They are rented for three days from January 7th over icy snow topped roads. The stars are the angels who announced the birth of Christ. Seven & # 39; and lovingly support the star. Some of them are more than a hundred years!

Africa – there are about 350 million Christians in Africa who celebrate Christmas. The emphasis is more on the religious holidays of Christ and # 39; s birth, not gift giving. Although the most common gift (if nothing else) is new clothes that will be worn for church service. People in many African countries, such as the Central African Republic (CAR), Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo believe that it is absolutely necessary to go to church for Christmas, even if they do not attend the rest of the year. Annual Christmas competition, as well as a group of chanting singing Christmas carols in the villages now with the & # 39 is part of the festivals.

The Church in Africa are beginning to intestinal preparations for Christmas many months before. No one will escape the Christmas feelings, as it was said that it feels like the whole country is preparing for the birth of the baby Jesus with so joyful and active community preparation going on! The streets are alive with music as well as radio, television, and just about anywhere you look! People are happy to visit their friends and relatives in the spirit of the celebration of the community, regardless of their religious beliefs. It is normal to see the bright and decorated trucks, cars and buses, as well as residential homes, schools, churches and districts often show creativity festive representations made to strengthen the color of paper. Colorful and alive with joyous celebration with a & # 39 is Africa! Ancient and spectacular masquerades locally called «Agugu» now play an important role in Christmas celebrations. Usually held after the service a joyful Christmas Eve procession of music and dance through the streets leading local bands with dancing masks (usually young boys dressed in beautiful and colorful costumes) and Christmas revelers. People parade with large intricately of lights called «Fanals», as a rule, in the form of houses or boats.

In Ghana Christmas dinner is not complete without Fufu (thick dough like food) and okra soup and in Liberia rice, beef and biscuits agenda. Zimbabwe & # 39; s make sure that & # 39; many seconds of bread, jam and tea to eat of them valuable goat, which is a & # 39 is their traditional Christmas roast. On the west coast of Africa, most of the houses have palm oil for the Christmas tree.

Austria – St Nicholas is widely honored and & # 39; appears on his feast day, December 6. In Austria this holiday apart from Christmas. He & # 39 is in their traditional dress flowing robe and tall Bishop & # 39; s miter carrying a shepherd & # 39, S employees and a thick book. It is believed that good and bad deeds of children are recorded in his book! It was once a tradition to hold an elaborate ceremony on Christmas Eve, where St. Nicholas and the feared Ruprecht (demonic creature that wears the skin is glowing eyes and a long red tongue) both of & # 39 is Christmas Eve. Children gather together and sing a hymn to greet the Seine. Then the children alone to join the Saint at a family table where he checks their books lesson, ask them to repeat the prayer he says. It ends with the children kissing his diocesan ring while he tells them to go place their shoes outside, then look at them, when the clock struck & # 39; by ten! Ruprecht stands over the door, watching Children's every move! By St. Nicholas leaves he blesses the children as he sprinkles them with holy water, and then gently and quickly leaves. Children with great excitement quickly run to put the shoes out. In the course of ten children running in the street, to find shoes, filled with fears of apples and nuts!

Austria with the & # 39 is a predominantly Catholic country renamed the ground the sound of music, and Mozart's House, Strauss and Schubert. In the Christmas holidays with the & # 39 is "Advent Concert Series" in Innsbruck. He has a family group of singers and instrumentalists, similar to the famous "Trapp the Family" from "The Sound of Music." Another famous Christmas celebration in Salzburg, where the hottest ticket for the season «Salburger Adventsingen». This is a program of the Adventist music and folklore, which began more than half a century ago. They receive more than 100,000 requests each year for expensive 30,000 tickets available for the reception. carp fish served on a traditional Christmas dinner.

Austria is famous for its miniature figures of the manger. Almost all of the seven & # 39; and have a nursery with miniature figures of the holy family and often several animals included. Many nurseries for hundreds of years, cherished heirlooms handed down from one generation to another!

Austrian & # 39; s Christmas holidays – boys and girls on the day of the Epiphany (reminiscent of the Three Wise Men from the East, who were looking for the newborn Jesus) dress in oriental costumes and sing traditional songs. They move from house to house to receive small gifts, including gifts of money. They carry a lantern called "lighted star of Bethlehem" to guide them on their way. It is popular to see people chalk the initials sages «CMB» (Casper, Melchior, Balthasar) on the transom of their doorways!

Austria & # 39; fun Krampus Day tradition – in Salzburg on December 5 known as Krampus Day. Krampus is believed to be an evil spirit. He is usually dressed in wrinkting fur, wearing reindeer antlers, a mask with a long red tongue and bulging red eyes and carries Birchwood rod. He storms the street with loud racket using huge bells and rattling chains as he shouts menacingly viewer. Thousands, including many children crowd the streets to watch the medieval event. With great laughter and merry making, where children and adults see Krampus, they throw snowballs at this menacing figure. In the city each year, "Krampus Run» performed with gusto and a lot of teasing, poking and laughter. It is said that the goal is to password Register remind children to be good!

Recently, in some communities Krampus actors must wear a number so that they can be identified in accordance with their masks, in case they are free to manage. It has been known for some to get carried away after downing a few too many schnapps or beer. Renowned Austrian child psychiatrist has been arguing for a ban on password Register. He believes that it & # 39; s «jolly old fright" for children. However, there have been several reported cases of "Krampus trauma"!

Australia – Christmas falls in the middle of summer and the heat can be more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. She & # 39 is common for people to keep out the door barbecues for the main Christmas feast and often parks and beaches teeming with some & # 39; and feasting place. It is not uncommon to see flops, shorts, beer in hand and Santa hat on the chef (usually parents in the family & # 39; s) per day BBQ Christmas, which is almost always going to Australia & # 39; s favorite desert "Pavlova". It's like a light and unique as Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina, for which it is named after.

Australian Carols by candlelight – an Australian Christmas Eve carol service started in 1937 by radio announcer Norman bank. Notable performers gather to sing "carols by candlelight", which was held in Melbourne each year. Hugely popular annual event on television across the nation. Carols are performed on the stage of a huge audience, where thousands attend outdoors holding lit candles.

Beach visits Christmas in Australia – up to 40,000 people visit Bondi Beach in Sydney on Christmas Day! It's the middle of summer in Australia and rising levels of heat beach barbecue lunches and swimming with the & # 39 is popular while waiting for Santa to arrive by boat at Christmas!


Alaska ship


When was the last time you saw an eagle descend from the sky, and a little afraid, the glacier cracked ice and iceberg with & # 39 come from?

Imagine your sense of wonder as you glide past glacier after glacier or your first look at the overlap of the whale. While we have much to be proud of in our Alberta parks, I think Alaska mother nature & # 39; s most spectacular show piece.

This year over 30 ships gives you the incredible delights of warm, pampering service combined with the awe of this magnificent journey.

Remember that there is no way to Glacier Bay, nor many other top Alaskan attractions. It & # 39; therefore studying these pristine areas by ship this privilege.

Cruising Alaska offers us breathtaking views of Alaska and # 39; s natural wonder, as well as the exciting night of entertainment, dining, pampering service, and an endless variety of activities.

From the moment you left the convenient port of Vancouver, this will be your vacation you have only dreamed.

As you cruise along the Glacier route, you will feel the magical, unspoiled land where walls of ice rise up from crystal blue sea and landscapes of wild flowers give way to snow-capped peaks.

Alaska with & # 39 is a mecca for lovers of wildlife and vast wilderness. This is the place where you see sea lions gathering to bathe in the sun and eagles circle above his head in search of water for salmon. And you can see humpback or orca whales as they violate acrobatic water & # 39; s surface.

You & # 39; You are captivated by the beauty of the Inside Passage. You & # 39; will pass quiet bays, wooded islands, innumerable mountains and waterfalls cascading from granite cliffs – a panorama interrupted only seen sea lions and whales frolicking in the waters around you.

Even more fun you can also visit ports as interesting as Ketchikan, the southern most port Inside Passage route and known as the "salmon capital of the world." This port is also renamed in the world his famous totem. Take a stroll down famous Creek Street, the city's "red light" district; visit Misty Fjords, America & # 39; s newest national monument or attend «Salmon Bake" and sample the local cuisine.

Juneau, Alaska & # 39; a capital and your first taste of the gold rush era, with the & # 39 is a contrast of wild, natural country and thriving city. Explore the fascinating City Museum, quaint St. Nicholas Church of St. Louis and stay at the Juno & # 39; s favorite watering hole, the Red Dog saloon.

Treasures beyond the city will beckon you too. Tour Mendanhall glacier on Motorcoach or helicopter. This river of ice, with craggy rock sentinels 3,000 feet above sea level & # 39 is a marvel of nature.

Skagway, a magnet for gold-seekers in the late 1890 & # 39; s, has been named as "rough town on earth" with its over 80 saloons. You can relive the racy Klondike days in this beautiful turn of the century town where cancan dancers and other entertainment in 1890 & # 39; S outfit will welcome you or take a real horse-drawn taxi into town and explore the "Trail of 98" museum.

BOARD sidewalks, false front buildings and narrow-gauge White Pass and Yukon Railways will make you feel as if you were in the days of the gold rush.

On the northern cruise, you & # 39; You will also visit Sitko. When Alaska was still Russian territory, this was her glittering cultural center in the West. Today, evidence of Russian culture can be found in the priceless icons and paintings of the tops of St .. Michael & # 39; s Cathedral. Remains Sitko & # 39; S Indian culture are preserved in the National Historical Park.

Cruise to Alaska us the ideal vacation for couples, seven & # 39; families, single people, young and fun lovers of all ages and interests.

And there is no other way to do it with such ease, affordability and excitement than contemporary cruise ships.

Sid Kaplan

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8 reasons why Kodiak in Alaska should be your next epic adventure!


Despite the fact that it is the second largest island in the United States, only about 10 000 people actually inhabit the island. Few ways to get access to the most eastern region of the island and the area is known as the area is expensive. The rest of the island can only be reached through a rough ATV trail, hiking, boat or float plane. This area of ​​the island is known as a remote area. This area is covered by thick brush, frozen streams and snowcapped mountains, endless expanse of some of the wild country in the world. It really is, "The Last Frontier." In this part of the world, Kodiak Grizzly Bear found, which can grow to more than ten feet and weight of more than 1,200 pounds. Island with a & # 39 Sportsman & # 39; s sleep. Salmon runs last from June to September. Halibut rich along the coast and was as large as 400 pounds in these waters. Sitko deer, deer and mountain goat hike along the mountain paths more often than tourists. Kodiak Island even has its own herd of wild buffalo. In the summer months, allows beautiful long days with 18 hours of light. This lighting is ideal for taking pictures during sunrise and sunset. With more days comes dryer and higher temperatures. But do not let your guard down, because the weather in Alaska & # 39; e can turn for a few minutes. Despite the fact that the wind can whip the rain sting, and the temperature drop, this beautiful rugged landscape is all exactly outdoors man / woman looking for! Here are 8 reasons why you need to make your Kodiak Island next vacation adventure!

1. World Class Fishing

Kodiak Island was a fishing community since 1800 & # 39; s, and with the & # 39 is home to some of the most famous parks, which take on the death of the Bering Sea. Some of the Deadliest Catch boats, even called Kodiak home. You do not need to re-enact mortals cling to your visit, because all the best fishing off the coast. All of the best salmon just a mile from the city. Buskin River just 2 miles from downtown Kodiak has red, pink and silver Salmon runs that last from June to September. American River and Olds other sushi grade king salmon, weighing an average of about 20 pounds. If open water is more your style than Kodiak offers some of the best waters for halibut and redfish. On our 12 day trip to Kodiak, we caught over 150 pounds of sockeye and 200 pounds of halibut. Halibut all in one day.

2. Larger than life hunting

In Kodiak no animal with & # 39 is safe, even the famous Kodiak Grizzly can be hunted here. This does not mean that all the animals are not protected in any way. Despite the fact that it is recommended to hunt for food, many animals need special permits to hunt. Some tags, such as a bear tag can be taken only once in four years. There are a variety of controlled hunts on the island, mountain goats, deer Sitko, but a very high price. The best way to hunt with a & # 39 is a backpack in the mountains with a good pair of binoculars and some settle skills. In any case, it is not difficult to put the meat in the freezer for the family & # 39; and.

3. Challenging mountaineering

Island holds only a whopping 3-4000 foot peaks, but they are sure to gain elevation quickly. Lifting straight out of the ocean at sea level, to prevent these peaks a low elevation to trick you. Movies are usually steep, slippery, grown over the summer and covered with snow in winter. These mountains, of course, put your skills to the test climbing. On the first day, you will be like a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny day. The next day it will be 50 degrees and rainy. On the third day, you will be in the middle of a snow storm. Once you experience all the elements and the seasons in one campaign, you will definitely be rewarded with wildlife, excellent views of the mountains in the snow-capped peaks and the open ocean for hundreds of miles in each direction.

4. Durable landscape

This unique and rugged landscape allows you the ability to surf and ski in the same day. Here you can fish with salt and fresh water species within a mile. You can go from rocky mountains to appease the lake and everything in between. The landscape gives you the ability to take on any adventure beginnings. Open ocean provides the SUP, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding, and boating activities. Where the mountains provide domestic travel glacier backcountry and the possibility of snow shoes. This rugged landscape not only to test you, but also reward you with any outdoor activity you have in mind.

5. Unheard insulation

Only 10 000 people who occupy the island, and almost all of them live in one tiny corner of the island, it is very easy to find peace and quiet. It only takes a short drive or hike to find yourself miles from civilization. If you're really feeling adventurous, rent a float plane or boat, to get to the more remote areas of the island. People say that when you go to the beach to those parts of the island and seaplane or boat leaves, you really feel like you are in another world. No one will come to your aid out there, but it is part of the right adventure!

6. The true American freedom

Kodiak Island today as America 60 years ago. It & # 39; s, as the earth trapped in time, everything that we want less than 48 national parks and still have today. If there is a beach you want to camp on than camp there! If you see the mountain you want to climb than to climb it! If there's water you want to fish, what fish it. While some of the rules, it is much more laid back and wild atmosphere than in the lower part 48. The island also allows real freedom we all want when we go out into the wild. Alaska does not see the same number of visitors as the lower 48 lines, so the rules on camping, fires, or authorization of the hiking is not reached this part of the world again! So, get out there and enjoy the freedom like never before.

7. Golden Hour Photos

We always seem to look for that golden hour near sunrise and sunset with plenty of natural light for our shots. Kodiak Island offers unlimited opportunities to capture the perfect picture. Every time I went camping, fishing or camping, there was an epic photo opportunity around every turn. In the summer months offer the perfect lighting. Early morning light lasts a few hours, and the twilight lasts about 4 hours. Soft lighting creates this beautiful sheen that tree silhouettes, draping above the valley floor and glowing in the mountain meadows. Glass, as lakes and snow-capped peaks and add depth and color dramatic landscape. If photography with & # 39 is that you're in, then you need to book your ticket now! In Kodiak bald eagle as often as a city pigeon. Kodiak Grizzly walk up and down the river, just 2 miles from the city. Sitko deer and mountain goats can be seen high in the mountains not far from each campaign, and buffalo roam the meadows, as cattle!

8. Kodiak Island Brewery

This stop on an epic journey may be the best stop, especially if you just got out of the rough wilderness of Alaska. Kodiak Island Brewing Co. It has a lot of craft beers on tap and a & # 39; is the only brewery in the brewery island.The uses only pure water of the island and the best malts. The spill is located in downtown Kodiak offers plenty of seating and all ages and pets. Take the kids and puppies, and then head down for a couple of pints. You can even bring your own food and enjoy the Kodiak like a local. The brewery is open daily from noon to 7 pm.