Cruising in Alaska

We decided to spend their summer holidays on a cruise to the coast of Alaska. For me it was a spot on the corner of the map and fiction in the directory. United States bought Alaska from Russia for two cents per acre in 1867, and then they found gold. Now one of the most important reserves of the world. Humpback whales, seals, sea lions, eagles, and grizzly bear have in abundance. It is a land of glaciers, rainforests and unspoiled natural beauty. Alaska is twice the size of the next largest state (if they were Texans to submit them to keep quiet).

The first day at sea was a chance to explore the ship and book shore excursions that must travel this kind. Then it was time to visit the table Purser, change some money and my cruise card registered. This would allow me to charge any costs on board and pay with a credit card at the end of the cruise.

The cabins were spacious and comfortable seating area even more. When I went over to her music changed rhythmic piano playing reminiscent of Charlie Kunz. I would, I decided to take a seat and give their support to the player. When I went to the empty piano stool, I realized that the piano is played automatically. I'm not one to dismiss miracles electronic revolution; sitting in a chair with his back to the piano, I can not tell the difference, but did not remember applauding at the end part.

Little trip to the picturesque, as the Inside Passage – trees from the coast climb steep mountain slopes on mile after mile on either side of the vessel. The islands here provide shelter from the open sea, which makes the water smooth throughout the voyage. My test of the calm sea, whether pencil balanced on its tip on the table. It is still, as a vertically like a rocket ready to launch.

Day at sea gives time to prepare for the Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party (beauty salon offers all kinds of treatments, from massages to hairdressing and facials). It was one of the two official parties. The dress was black tie or lounge suit. Rum punch, wine and soft drinks were served with canapes. It was a pleasant acquaintance with the eventful cruise.