8 reasons why Kodiak in Alaska should be your next epic adventure!


Despite the fact that it is the second largest island in the United States, only about 10 000 people actually inhabit the island. Few ways to get access to the most eastern region of the island and the area is known as the area is expensive. The rest of the island can only be reached through a rough ATV trail, hiking, boat or float plane. This area of ​​the island is known as a remote area. This area is covered by thick brush, frozen streams and snowcapped mountains, endless expanse of some of the wild country in the world. It really is, "The Last Frontier." In this part of the world, Kodiak Grizzly Bear found, which can grow to more than ten feet and weight of more than 1,200 pounds. Island with a & # 39 Sportsman & # 39; s sleep. Salmon runs last from June to September. Halibut rich along the coast and was as large as 400 pounds in these waters. Sitko deer, deer and mountain goat hike along the mountain paths more often than tourists. Kodiak Island even has its own herd of wild buffalo. In the summer months, allows beautiful long days with 18 hours of light. This lighting is ideal for taking pictures during sunrise and sunset. With more days comes dryer and higher temperatures. But do not let your guard down, because the weather in Alaska & # 39; e can turn for a few minutes. Despite the fact that the wind can whip the rain sting, and the temperature drop, this beautiful rugged landscape is all exactly outdoors man / woman looking for! Here are 8 reasons why you need to make your Kodiak Island next vacation adventure!

1. World Class Fishing

Kodiak Island was a fishing community since 1800 & # 39; s, and with the & # 39 is home to some of the most famous parks, which take on the death of the Bering Sea. Some of the Deadliest Catch boats, even called Kodiak home. You do not need to re-enact mortals cling to your visit, because all the best fishing off the coast. All of the best salmon just a mile from the city. Buskin River just 2 miles from downtown Kodiak has red, pink and silver Salmon runs that last from June to September. American River and Olds other sushi grade king salmon, weighing an average of about 20 pounds. If open water is more your style than Kodiak offers some of the best waters for halibut and redfish. On our 12 day trip to Kodiak, we caught over 150 pounds of sockeye and 200 pounds of halibut. Halibut all in one day.

2. Larger than life hunting

In Kodiak no animal with & # 39 is safe, even the famous Kodiak Grizzly can be hunted here. This does not mean that all the animals are not protected in any way. Despite the fact that it is recommended to hunt for food, many animals need special permits to hunt. Some tags, such as a bear tag can be taken only once in four years. There are a variety of controlled hunts on the island, mountain goats, deer Sitko, but a very high price. The best way to hunt with a & # 39 is a backpack in the mountains with a good pair of binoculars and some settle skills. In any case, it is not difficult to put the meat in the freezer for the family & # 39; and.

3. Challenging mountaineering

Island holds only a whopping 3-4000 foot peaks, but they are sure to gain elevation quickly. Lifting straight out of the ocean at sea level, to prevent these peaks a low elevation to trick you. Movies are usually steep, slippery, grown over the summer and covered with snow in winter. These mountains, of course, put your skills to the test climbing. On the first day, you will be like a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny day. The next day it will be 50 degrees and rainy. On the third day, you will be in the middle of a snow storm. Once you experience all the elements and the seasons in one campaign, you will definitely be rewarded with wildlife, excellent views of the mountains in the snow-capped peaks and the open ocean for hundreds of miles in each direction.

4. Durable landscape

This unique and rugged landscape allows you the ability to surf and ski in the same day. Here you can fish with salt and fresh water species within a mile. You can go from rocky mountains to appease the lake and everything in between. The landscape gives you the ability to take on any adventure beginnings. Open ocean provides the SUP, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding, and boating activities. Where the mountains provide domestic travel glacier backcountry and the possibility of snow shoes. This rugged landscape not only to test you, but also reward you with any outdoor activity you have in mind.

5. Unheard insulation

Only 10 000 people who occupy the island, and almost all of them live in one tiny corner of the island, it is very easy to find peace and quiet. It only takes a short drive or hike to find yourself miles from civilization. If you're really feeling adventurous, rent a float plane or boat, to get to the more remote areas of the island. People say that when you go to the beach to those parts of the island and seaplane or boat leaves, you really feel like you are in another world. No one will come to your aid out there, but it is part of the right adventure!

6. The true American freedom

Kodiak Island today as America 60 years ago. It & # 39; s, as the earth trapped in time, everything that we want less than 48 national parks and still have today. If there is a beach you want to camp on than camp there! If you see the mountain you want to climb than to climb it! If there's water you want to fish, what fish it. While some of the rules, it is much more laid back and wild atmosphere than in the lower part 48. The island also allows real freedom we all want when we go out into the wild. Alaska does not see the same number of visitors as the lower 48 lines, so the rules on camping, fires, or authorization of the hiking is not reached this part of the world again! So, get out there and enjoy the freedom like never before.

7. Golden Hour Photos

We always seem to look for that golden hour near sunrise and sunset with plenty of natural light for our shots. Kodiak Island offers unlimited opportunities to capture the perfect picture. Every time I went camping, fishing or camping, there was an epic photo opportunity around every turn. In the summer months offer the perfect lighting. Early morning light lasts a few hours, and the twilight lasts about 4 hours. Soft lighting creates this beautiful sheen that tree silhouettes, draping above the valley floor and glowing in the mountain meadows. Glass, as lakes and snow-capped peaks and add depth and color dramatic landscape. If photography with & # 39 is that you're in, then you need to book your ticket now! In Kodiak bald eagle as often as a city pigeon. Kodiak Grizzly walk up and down the river, just 2 miles from the city. Sitko deer and mountain goats can be seen high in the mountains not far from each campaign, and buffalo roam the meadows, as cattle!

8. Kodiak Island Brewery

This stop on an epic journey may be the best stop, especially if you just got out of the rough wilderness of Alaska. Kodiak Island Brewing Co. It has a lot of craft beers on tap and a & # 39; is the only brewery in the brewery island.The uses only pure water of the island and the best malts. The spill is located in downtown Kodiak offers plenty of seating and all ages and pets. Take the kids and puppies, and then head down for a couple of pints. You can even bring your own food and enjoy the Kodiak like a local. The brewery is open daily from noon to 7 pm.