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When was the last time you saw an eagle descend from the sky, and a little afraid, the glacier cracked ice and iceberg with & # 39 come from?

Imagine your sense of wonder as you glide past glacier after glacier or your first look at the overlap of the whale. While we have much to be proud of in our Alberta parks, I think Alaska mother nature & # 39; s most spectacular show piece.

This year over 30 ships gives you the incredible delights of warm, pampering service combined with the awe of this magnificent journey.

Remember that there is no way to Glacier Bay, nor many other top Alaskan attractions. It & # 39; therefore studying these pristine areas by ship this privilege.

Cruising Alaska offers us breathtaking views of Alaska and # 39; s natural wonder, as well as the exciting night of entertainment, dining, pampering service, and an endless variety of activities.

From the moment you left the convenient port of Vancouver, this will be your vacation you have only dreamed.

As you cruise along the Glacier route, you will feel the magical, unspoiled land where walls of ice rise up from crystal blue sea and landscapes of wild flowers give way to snow-capped peaks.

Alaska with & # 39 is a mecca for lovers of wildlife and vast wilderness. This is the place where you see sea lions gathering to bathe in the sun and eagles circle above his head in search of water for salmon. And you can see humpback or orca whales as they violate acrobatic water & # 39; s surface.

You & # 39; You are captivated by the beauty of the Inside Passage. You & # 39; will pass quiet bays, wooded islands, innumerable mountains and waterfalls cascading from granite cliffs – a panorama interrupted only seen sea lions and whales frolicking in the waters around you.

Even more fun you can also visit ports as interesting as Ketchikan, the southern most port Inside Passage route and known as the "salmon capital of the world." This port is also renamed in the world his famous totem. Take a stroll down famous Creek Street, the city's "red light" district; visit Misty Fjords, America & # 39; s newest national monument or attend ¬ęSalmon Bake" and sample the local cuisine.

Juneau, Alaska & # 39; a capital and your first taste of the gold rush era, with the & # 39 is a contrast of wild, natural country and thriving city. Explore the fascinating City Museum, quaint St. Nicholas Church of St. Louis and stay at the Juno & # 39; s favorite watering hole, the Red Dog saloon.

Treasures beyond the city will beckon you too. Tour Mendanhall glacier on Motorcoach or helicopter. This river of ice, with craggy rock sentinels 3,000 feet above sea level & # 39 is a marvel of nature.

Skagway, a magnet for gold-seekers in the late 1890 & # 39; s, has been named as "rough town on earth" with its over 80 saloons. You can relive the racy Klondike days in this beautiful turn of the century town where cancan dancers and other entertainment in 1890 & # 39; S outfit will welcome you or take a real horse-drawn taxi into town and explore the "Trail of 98" museum.

BOARD sidewalks, false front buildings and narrow-gauge White Pass and Yukon Railways will make you feel as if you were in the days of the gold rush.

On the northern cruise, you & # 39; You will also visit Sitko. When Alaska was still Russian territory, this was her glittering cultural center in the West. Today, evidence of Russian culture can be found in the priceless icons and paintings of the tops of St .. Michael & # 39; s Cathedral. Remains Sitko & # 39; S Indian culture are preserved in the National Historical Park.

Cruise to Alaska us the ideal vacation for couples, seven & # 39; families, single people, young and fun lovers of all ages and interests.

And there is no other way to do it with such ease, affordability and excitement than contemporary cruise ships.

Sid Kaplan

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