Alaska Cruise- alive memory


Alaska cruise with & # 39; is the main attraction of the image vacationers with its majestic scenery, gleaming glaciers, exotic wildlife, and Native American culture. The Court, as a rule, on the excursion package seven days to Alaska, and they stop at four ports on their passage, visiting Hubbard Glacier National Park or Glacier Bay. You may like to opt for an extended cruise-tour comprehensive package, where you go by train around Alaska and includes accommodation and see the sights in Denali National Park.

Due to weather obstacles, cruises to Alaska are strictly limited during the summer months from early May to mid-September, June, July and August, the peak season, when the average temperature reaches 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to go in May and September, as the temperature rises about 50 degrees. Luxury ships and medium-sized ships from Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle. In both embarkment and disembarkation points, you can visit the Juneau ports, Ketchikan and Skagway.

Wonder world of Alaska is waiting for you. Mountains, waterfalls, humpback whales and frolicking sea lions, the breathtaking forests, wildlife and the snow-capped mountains, all for you. Alaska with & # 39 is exciting that explores and full of new discoveries. Each day provides new surprises. Alaska with & # 39 is the most memorable place on earth. You see a breathtaking view of Mount McKinley as it rises above the grand national park Denali. Imagine yourself bird watching, hiking through waterfalls glacier is Juan and sea kayak at the harbor National Park Tongass.

Alaska is a place full of adventures with its one hundred thousand glaciers and 3 million lakes. In order to enjoy the experience of Alaska is your first option should be the Gulf of Alaska cruise tour with Voyage of Glaciers cruise with land tours. You will not soon forget offers Freestyle Cruising Alaska.

Experience the early frontier existence of America & # 39; s oldest Russian Orthodox Church in San Diego and # 39; s Gaslamp District, and vinotheque Santa Barbara. You will enjoy the ride in the car stroller Chinatown or Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf. As your ship sails through Glacier Bay, you experience nature to the fullest.


Alaska Fishing Tour – Three distinctive option Anger


Alaska fishing is popular for a reason – the pristine state offers hundreds of thousands of square miles of fresh streams, beautiful coastline, glaciers and forests. massive fish trip will undoubtedly successful, and there & # 39; Always an adventure for everyone.

So, for three trips that can appeal to any fisherman – something & # 39; I trip, a friend and # 39, S adventure or the angler, keep reading.

Family Adventure – Emerald Pines Lodge in Homer, Alaska

You can find a beautiful, family-oriented & # 39; nd Emerald Pines Lodge just above Kachemak Bay.

Not only is the Emerald Pines offer a locale known for its incredible fishing of rainbow trout, arctic char, Alaskan halibut and king salmon, either & # 39; S and all-inclusive. Instead of packaging the child and all their gear, you can simply link the most necessary, and you & # 39; ready for use again. For five days and six nights package, the price is usually $ 2850 for one adult and $ 1425 per child.

Big Adventure – The Copper River Valley

River Valley Copper with & # 39 Klutina is home to the river, one of the wildest places in the industrial world. Salmon massive and rich, but anglers must deal with 5 to 15 miles per hour currents along with a strong fish. In severe test lines and rapid efficiency, you should be prepared for speed fishing, scoring their catch before thresholds sweep your raft away.

In addition to testing your fishing skills on a powerful Klutina, you can also view the next Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the largest reserve in the United States. Between your fishing expeditions or after a long day, you can just relax and take in the magnificent view.

The best months in the period from June to September, but July, & # 39 is the best time for fishing King Salmon. Recommended companies include Salmon Charters Copper River, Kennicott Glacier Lodge and the Orca Adventure Lodge.

Fisherman & # 39; Paradise with – Middleton

Blue water Alaska sport fishing is not of & # 39 is an activity for those with weak hands or hearts. With typical halibut catches between 80 and 160 pounds, Middleton Island, approximately 90 miles from Seward, it has some of the best fishing in the world.

The ideal season for fishings Middleton, Alaska from June to September. The costs will depend on your charter company, but usually ranges between $ 700 and $ 800 per angler for two days. Cracker Jack Charters of & # 39 is a popular company to coordinate the trip.

Whether young or old, experienced or novices, people who venture in Alaska fishing opportunities seldom return home disappointed. An individual may make a few relaxing days or a calendar month on solar water in Alaska and still wants more. Choosing mentioned above, will no doubt be a lot of fun, but there are many excellent options from which to choose.


Bed and Breakfast Homer Alaska – The Chocolate Drop Inn


Homer, Alaska with & # 39 is home to the best magazines tavern, chocolate Inn downs, with majestic views of Kachemak

Bay Mountain Range Ken and four glaciers, along with "Chocolate mountains fall." Built in 1993, the Chocolate Drop Inn with & # 39 is 8000 square meters. Ft. Log yard with 5 rooms and a family suite, which includes private baths and entrances, queen size beds, TVs and phones. In addition, guests can use the rest room, whirlpool and sauna, as well as the luxurious hot breakfast with the image of fresh seafood from the Gulf.

To work around colorful Homer, Alaska, jeeps «R» Us car rental is located in the Homer Airport Terminal and specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles.

While in Homer, enjoy some of the best fishing in Alaska halibut, salmon and trout. For the ornithologist, I am sure to visit during the week of 10-13 May 2007 for the Bay Shorebird Festival Kachemak. More than 100,000 shorebirds pass through this region, representing more than 25 species from distant Asia, Hawaii and South America.

Homer has long been known for its many species of birds that migrate through the area and create a rush of excitement for observing birds of photographers around the world. Hundreds of species of sea birds and migratory waterfowl move through Homer annually providing amazing spectacles of flight, flash and color. Enjoy a day on the water with Birders guided cruise and experience first-hand why Kachemak Bay with the & # 39 is such a popular birders destination.

We recommend that you wear a backpack with sun tan lotion, camera, binoculars, a light raincoat, snacks, bottled water, gloves, helmet and first aid kit on your birding excursion.

Enjoy a break on chocolate unfolded Inn.


Alaska Fishing Camp – another side of Alaska Experience


For those of you who love the outdoors and have some experience of camping, fishing and the way the camp to express themselves. Feeling real Alaska to be closer to nature, nya-crowded area and the 24 hours of fishing opportunities are some of the advantages. Many of the Alaska fishing camps have no access to electricity, sanitation, and some others are not included with meals. A tent set up is usually right at the water's edge, and many of them with the & # 39 are the functions "bare bones" premises of the two & # 39; bunk-style cabins.

Alaska fishing camps rates start from $ 1000 to $ 2500 per week per person. All camps are located in the state.

You can find fish camp, who & # 39 is included in the Alaska fishing lodge. Some rooms have luxury tents, great fishing and great food. Here are some Alaska fishing base camps on the spot.

Throughout the State

  1. Alagnak Wilderness Alaska camp
  2. Alaska Bear Valley Lodge
  3. Alaska Jumping Salmon Lodge
  4. Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge
  5. Alaska Ravencroft Lodge
  6. fisherman's Alibi
  7. Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Southeast Alaska

  1. Alaska Wilderness Charters and guides
  2. Chinook Shores Sportfishing Lodge
  3. Explore Alaska Charters, LLC
  4. Green Rocks Wilderness Lodge
  5. Kingfisher Charters
  6. Kingfisher Charters & Lodge
  7. Naha Bay Outdoor Adventures
  8. Sitko Point Lodge & Fishing Charters
  9. Tree Tops Lodge

Just browse through the Internet to find out their condition and whether they have any place or fully booked. Fishing planning carefully and prepare for your needs, do not forget to bring your camera. Book your fishing camp early because they fill up very quickly.


Explore the old Russian cemetery and soar with the eagles in Sitka, Alaska


Stepped in history and culture, and is surrounded by picturesque wooded islands, towering mountains, high volcano, and soaring eagles – Sitko with & # 39 is that the majority of tourists imagine when they think of Alaska & # 39; s natural wonders.

Founded by Russian researchers in the eighth century, Sitko (once called New Archangel) is within easy view of Mt. Edgecombe, an extinct volcano, which adds drama has a rich and colorful landscape.

Sitko before Juneau

City of 9,000 inhabitants was the capital of Alaska between 1867 when the United States acquired "Seward & # 39; ICEBOX S »of Russia until 1912, when the territorial seat of government was moved to the current state capital, Zhuy. The place where the transfer of ownership took place in Alaska a short walk from the cruise-gentle dokya on Sitko Bay.

What to do in Sitka

Seen Sitko offers the traveler the opportunity to participate in the Russian cultural tours and outdoor activities, which include fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and nature walks and other attractions.

visiting the cemetery

We always try to offer something a little more in our review of the trip, and our choice for Sitko to & # 39 is the Old Russian cemetery, which dates back to the 1800s.

Marked on the tourist maps, but not on an organized tour, the old cemetery is located within walking distance from the city center.

graves input is not a label, and, judging by the narrow paths, not frequented by many visitors.

The cemetery was built on a complex landscape of thickly wooded hills – the dark winding paths lined with moss and ferns – is not particularly conductive to carry the casket.

The grounds are not supported. Most of the century # 39; s Old weathered gravestones sunk into the wet peat soils and rest at odd angles to the surrounding areas – as a result of a horrible melange geometric ghostly forms.

If you like to read Poe, you will enjoy a visit to this creepy yet magical cemetery.

eagles everywhere

The last time we saw a bald eagle was in Big Bear Lake in California, when a small tourist spotted one soaring high above the water. Aimed furor among the spectators.

Contrast that experience is the only excursion Sitko, where there are bald eagles everywhere – hundreds.

Proud and beautiful American icon with a white head and a huge wingspan of a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of life in Sitka.

Bald eagles soar over his head – all the time, and look like a white Christmas decorations as they sit in the tall evergreen trees that line the shore.

How to get there

Sitko is located halfway up the Inside Passage in the Alexander Archipelago, on the island of Baranof and attend the majority of cruise ships floating in the canal.

Sitko also served by ferry fleet Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Airlines.

If you are traveling Inside Passage, be sure to Sitka route. You will not be disappointed.

Happy travels.


Alaska Hunting Guide


That hunting AND WHERE: Alaska Hunter & # 39; s paradise. Hunting here can provide a full on & # 39; the amount of experiences- caribou and moose, from gnawing and brown bears, wolves, from the tiles, sheep and mountain goats muskox, from waterfowl to Ptarmigan and several species of grouse. Various Alaska geographic areas offer adventure for everyone, give us various options:

Inter & # 39; er Alaska. On the mountains and hills, river valleys covered with forests to the vast spaces of treeless tundra at higher altitudes and in the far north. Temperatures vary greatly throughout the year, from -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) in the winter months to +30 Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer. There are only a few highways in the interior of Alaska. Most of the area can only be reached by plane, boat or on foot. Summers are warm, but short. Climatic and landscape conditions provide variety of big game: moose and caribou, tile sheep in the mountains, some wild bison, muskox in the arctic Alaska, wolves, black and grizzly bears, waterfowl, some grouse and partridge.

South-east (narrow and long part between the Pacific ocean and Canada). It consists of mainland and many treed mountainous islands along the coast. The main hunting trophies here brown and black bears, moose and mountain goats, mule deer and wolves. Controlled hunting is carried out mainly by boat, the most popular hunting spots on the islands in the central part of the district.

South and Southwest (to the south and west of the Yukon River). Mountain Interior with plenty of rivers and lakes, ragged coastal line dotted with numerous islands. The region offers a wide variety of games: deer, Dall sheep, deer, elk, wolves, wolverine, brown and black bear, waterfowl, grouse species.


If you hunt in a general season, which is open to an unlimited number of hunters, you'll need a ticket harvest. Harvest tickets are available for free, where you can buy hunting licenses. Non-residents are required to have a big game tag for the species they hunt. Some remote rural areas may not have licenses available or supplier may run out of tickets harvest. Do not forget to buy a license, playing tag and pick up tickets for the harvest, before leaving the house or town. If the population of animals is too small and / or the potential number of hunters too large to allow a general season or a registration hunt, the Department may offer drawing permits. Drawing Hunt permit application is published every May. The drawing for permit hunts is held in early summer, and everyone who applies will be informed of the results by mail or can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife Service & # 39; s website. The app contains all the drawing hunts by number for all big game species. Most hunting permits drawings open to both resident and non-resident hunters. The hunter may qualify for a three-resolution image hunts for each species. Fees are charged for each separate hunt. You can choose any of the amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Service office, on a website, or license providers.

Hunting permits and application forms can be downloaded from the Internet and print. You can also purchase hunting licenses, duck stamp big game tag online, print them at home, and you can go hunting or trapping right away. Complete Alaska Hunting Regulations Guide can be found here. The main non-resident hunting license costs $ 85 plus some extra fees for big game tags.

HUNTING Belarus On: Nonresidents may hunt moose, deer, deer, and black bear without a guide. Hunters who are not Alaska residents must be accompanied by a registered Alaskan guide or they must hunt with close relatives to the second degree of kinship, that with & # 39 are residents of Alaska, when hunting brown or grizzly bears, tile, sheep or mountain goats. You can search online for licensed guides of great games in your area. Most guides provide 80-100 percent for most big game species. In addition, guides are familiar with their areas and possess equipment that the average hunter might not care to buy a disposable. However, lead & # 39; s knowledge, experience and equipment do not come cheap. Although the numbers Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the leadership to guide, expect to spend $ 8,000- $ 12,000 for a brown / grizzly hunt, $ 4,000- $ 6,000 for hunting sheep and $ 1,500- $ 3,000 for a goat hunt. Mousse and the Caribbean often & # 39 are part of a mixed-bag hunt and prices vary considerably. The best way to find a reliable guide to the & # 39 is a reference.

Aviation charter: Many hunters choose Aviacharter service flying on simple hunting grounds for hunting these species. Aviacharter operator is licensed by the state to charge for flying hunter and game meat. The transportation of hunting cheaper than managed or has a hunting because Aviacharter take care of transportation and may throw in some planning councils. Hunter provides all the camping equipment and the performances of all other functions on their own. Before you sign a contract with the operator of air transportation, you should have a clear understanding of the cost of services and know exactly what services you can expect. Prices and services vary considerably. Air Charter operators may charge a flat rate or per hour for flight time. When calculating the cost of an hourly rate, you have to take into account the "dead head" time, the time a pilot spends flying to base after dropping you off, and the time spent flying out to pick you up. Again, be sure to ask where the package includes flying out the meat and antlers. Some packages also include checked at least once during the hunt to bring the game or move you if you have not been successful. charter cost also depends on the size of the aircraft and the number of hunters who share expenses. Make sure you explain the number of hunters in the group and the amount of gear you have. You can search online for licensed vehicles in your area. Also check the extensive list of Alaska Aircraft Charters, Bush Pilots, air taxis.

Weather & # 39; E: Alaskan summers are cool, the average temperature is +14 deg.C (58 F), in the summer and -12 deg.C (11 F) in winter, but it can significantly Var & # 39; iravatstsa between different regions of the state . Winters are cold and dark. Early spring can be cold, but is often above the freezing heat days with a lot of sunshine. He gets the midnight sun for part of the summer and is included in 24-hour darkness during the part of winter. Summers with & # 39 is the wet season, the southern regions are well known for their moisture. You can check out the weather forecast for the next & # 39; I have a week here to Anchorage.

How to get there: You can fly to Anchorage direct or one-stop from most major US cities. From there Alaska Aircraft Charters, Bush Pilots, air taxis will help you explore the America & # 39; s greatest playground. Many small villages and towns have airports all out & # 39; I served daily by small air carriers.
Location: Depending on your preference, it may be a small camping tent or a luxurious hunting lodge with all the modern conveniences and comforts. There are also some primitive cabins for private use maintained by government. They can accommodate from 4 to 8 people, cost from $ 20 to $ 50 (USD) per day and must be reserved in advance, usually- month. You need to contact the proper agency directly to book a cabin.

TRAVEL TIPS: Northern weather & # 39; e can be unpredictable. Consider taking with you and wearing multiple layers of clothes in response to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Get detailed maps of the area in advance. Do not forget to take a first aid kit and survival kit, as well as bear repellents. Make sure you check available information, understand all the guidelines for hunting in Alaska before you leave the house.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!


Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami, 1964


1964 Anchorage, Alaska, earthquake and tsunami arrested without warning on Good Friday, March 27.

It was a quiet spring day in Anchorage, a holiday. Temperatures have been unseasonably mild to moderate amount of snow on the ground. Children had the day off from school, and customer traffic in the center of the store was light. Many residents were preparing or enjoying dinner at home. At 5:36 pm a major earthquake began to shake the earth, and the earth beneeth Southcentral Alaska moved in waves for the next four minutes long.

Parents and children slipped, stumbled and fell to the ground sliding panic in an effort to get outdoors, to avoid breaking the window. Two inches to the & # 39 cracks appeared in the ground in many places. Roads wrinkled and split and Fourth Avenue in downtown Anchorage broke and collapsed 10 feet or more. The Government Hill Elementary School twisted, shifted and became unusable at the moment. The outer wall of JC Penney building crashed to the street. In the Turnagain residential district the ground liquefied like a swimmer, slid, and swallowed up 75 or more homes.

Four minutes of the earthquake released energy equivalent to about 10 million times the forces of the atomic bomb. The mass of the earth and the oceans absorb much of the force, but man-made structures in the area may not absorb the rest of the force without suffering huge losses. The total material damage is estimated at $ 500 million.

Anchorage inoperative gas lines and water lines were severed abruptly. Residents turned to melting snow for water while waiting for repairs. Four days later students returned to available schools, life in Anchorage began to recover.


Earthquake Center in Alaska was located about 75 miles east of Anchorage and about 55 miles west of Valdez. It began 14 to 16 miles deep into the earth, and # 39; crust, a comparatively shallow depth, where the Pacific plate dives favor North American plate. The huge subduction zone is located in the north of Ring of Fire, a semicircle of volcanic and earthquake activity that defines the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

earthquake fault, more precisely advancing what caused the earthquake on Good Friday stretched 750 miles from Alaska & # 39; s Valdez Aleutian Islands. Pacific plate that day moved about 25 to 30 feet northward, diving beneath the North American plate. Grinding two massive tectonic plates caused the Alaska earthquake and measured 8.4 on the Richter scale. In subsequent years, the measurement of the earthquake in Alaska was raised to 9.2 to Mw, or moment magnitude, scale as the Richter scale was determined to be inaccurate when measuring very large earthquakes above 8.0. During the day, the initial major earthquake 11 more than a tremor of 6.0 or more to shake already nervous population. In fact, aftershocks continued for nearly a year.

The earthquake caused the ground to displace upward by as much as 25 feet on several islands in Alaska nearly 3 feet upward at the city of Valdez. In other areas, the soil is displaced downward as much as 9 feet, for example, in Portage city.

An earthquake in Alaska on Good Friday was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in North America. It was the second strongest ever recorded in the world, surpassed in strength of the earthquake at 9.5 MW in Chile, 22 in 1960, my recent December 26, 2004, an earthquake off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra measured 9.0 MW. Death earthquake in Shaanxi Province, China, in 1556, killing more than 830 thousand inhabitants.


tsunami with & # 39 is an adapted Japanese word meaning "harbor wave", a reference to the fact that the wave of & # 39; s danger and destructive power only become evident as it approaches the shore.

During the 1964 earthquake in Alaska in North America plate released upward, displacing a huge on the & # 39; the volume of ocean water and causing a seismic wave, a tsunami, to travel outward. Wave traveled an estimated 450 miles per hour in the deeper ocean in a long wave of almost imperceptible height.

As the tsunami wave passed over the continental shelf and approached shore its length reduced, its velocity decreases and its height is increased by a massive on & # 39; the volume and mass of water prepared to release its incredible energy on anything in its path.

The shallow Valdez input wave reached a maximum height of about 200 feet. Further, in the Old Town Valdez, 30-foot wall of water was delayed and destroyed all the buildings. Twenty eight Valdez residents died when the tsunami dropped ashore. Valdez was later rebuilt to a higher altitude and farther away from the coastline.

In Seward, Alaska, the earthquake caused part of the bay to slide. Slide caused a local tsunami that devastated Seward & # 39; s port and downtown district, both of which were eventually rebuilt. Twelve residents perished in Seward.

The small town of Portage was bound by its own local tsunami and not relocated or rebuilt. Other local tsunamis small port of Whittier killing of 12 residents.


Original tsunami traveled about 8400 miles. It caused damage in Hawaii and along the coast of Oregon and California. A 20-foot wave of contract Crescent City, California, and killed 10 people. The tsunami was responsible for the deaths of 16 people in Oregon and California.

The tsunami killed a total of 122 people in three states. For comparison, the earthquake has caused 9 fatalities.

It took more than 40 years after the earthquake and tsunami in Alaska. At the same time, building materials and construction methods have been tougher to create structures capable of withstanding a powerful earthquake. In addition, at the same time, the population of Alaska and # 39, S vulnerable areas increased significantly.

Smaller earthquakes along Alaska & # 39 Speed ​​subduction zone and other fault zones occur on a daily basis, presumably facilitating internal pressure that could produce another massive earthquake.

However, no one knows with certainty when, where, or another huge and destructive land hit Alaska.


The necessary information about car insurance in Alaska


There are many positive aspects of life in the big state of Alaska. With wild animals in the amazing scenery of the place – it is not surprising that the place has suddenly become a tourist hotspot. If there is one thing that & # 39; not so positive in Alaska & # 39 is that, as the car insurance in Alaska can be very expensive – at least compared with other countries in this country. According to a recent survey, the state has one of the highest cost of auto insurance in the country. Why it is more expensive to own and drive a car in Alaska? Read on to find out the reasons and many others.

Expensive coating Alaska

There are several reasons why car insurance in Alaska is higher than in other states. The most obvious and glaring reason is that the geographical position of the state can be controlled from & # 39 is that it comes more complicated – and that people are more prone to accidents. Given this fact, the tort system is used in Alaska, when it comes to auto insurance. This means that the state will hold you responsible for any damage to your car and the car belongs to the other side, if you are recognized as a participant at fault. This is one reason why car insurance rate is quite high – even if you have and maintain good control entry.

minimum requirements

If you want to own and drive a car in Alaska legal way – insurance policy must be one that can cover at least $ 50,000 for each person. At the same time, the policy of minimum liability should be able to cover the $ 100 000 for each case. Rooms are located high enough so that policy can protect the driver, and # 39; s guilt in the case of Sur & # 39; oznay injury or even death to the other side. In addition – an insurance policy should also be able to repair the damage to property from 25 000 $.

Reduce the cost of insurance

With car insurance in Alaska & # 39 is that it can not be determined. In fact, this is a must have for anyone who wants to register a vehicle. Although the number of the above, it may seem impossible, there is a way or two to help reduce the cost of insurance down. It requires you to be actively looking for the best deal in town, though. This means that a search on the Internet for the best deals around, as well as opening the phone book and calling different insurance providers. Doing this one after the other may seem complicated, but look at it this way. You & # 39; only have to do it once, and you & # 39; You will be rewarded with lower cost car insurance. It sounds like a win-win situation. When making a call from a representative of an insurance company, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that you are shopping around for the best deal. This will increase your chances of getting better and more affordable deal. It & # 39; S trick that sees to work every time – no matter where you live in the country.

For more tips to reduce the cost

Another way to reduce your car insurance costs in Alaska to make some adjustments to the car that you are insured for. For example, making sure it is in perfect condition, carrying out regular inspection can help to reduce the cost on insurance. In addition, it is possible to improve vehicle safety features to help reduce the cost of insurance. And finally, you always have to drive carefully and follow the rules. Not only for the sake of your well-being, but also to get the lowest rate auto insurance. You see – in the past accidents and traffic violations, of course, increase the value. Using common sense and the tips above, you can get a cheap car insurance in Alaska.


Cruising in Alaska


We decided to spend their summer holidays on a cruise to the coast of Alaska. For me it was a spot on the corner of the map and fiction in the directory. United States bought Alaska from Russia for two cents per acre in 1867, and then they found gold. Now one of the most important reserves of the world. Humpback whales, seals, sea lions, eagles, and grizzly bear have in abundance. It is a land of glaciers, rainforests and unspoiled natural beauty. Alaska is twice the size of the next largest state (if they were Texans to submit them to keep quiet).

The first day at sea was a chance to explore the ship and book shore excursions that must travel this kind. Then it was time to visit the table Purser, change some money and my cruise card registered. This would allow me to charge any costs on board and pay with a credit card at the end of the cruise.

The cabins were spacious and comfortable seating area even more. When I went over to her music changed rhythmic piano playing reminiscent of Charlie Kunz. I would, I decided to take a seat and give their support to the player. When I went to the empty piano stool, I realized that the piano is played automatically. I'm not one to dismiss miracles electronic revolution; sitting in a chair with his back to the piano, I can not tell the difference, but did not remember applauding at the end part.

Little trip to the picturesque, as the Inside Passage – trees from the coast climb steep mountain slopes on mile after mile on either side of the vessel. The islands here provide shelter from the open sea, which makes the water smooth throughout the voyage. My test of the calm sea, whether pencil balanced on its tip on the table. It is still, as a vertically like a rocket ready to launch.

Day at sea gives time to prepare for the Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party (beauty salon offers all kinds of treatments, from massages to hairdressing and facials). It was one of the two official parties. The dress was black tie or lounge suit. Rum punch, wine and soft drinks were served with canapes. It was a pleasant acquaintance with the eventful cruise.


Alaska Gay Bars


Juneau Alaska & # 39; s capital and located approximately 600 miles from Alaska & # 39; s other major city, Alaska. There's no available path either into or out of Zhuo, but almost all of them are available in Alaska flowering enterprises charter aircraft.

This type of insurance accounts for a friendly face, a & # 39 is a trademark of Alaska, and it is this quality that the gay community here is the most attractive. In June you can take advantage of numerous gay bars in Alaska, as well as Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Juneau also & # 39 is home to the LGBT Pride choir, respected and punish the local theater company with a huge gay following manner. You will also feel at home in its numerous bars, and a host of gay friendly restaurants and hotels.

Anchorage from & # 39 is another very gay friendly Alaskan city and & # 39 is the largest city with a population of more than a quarter of a million inhabitants. Anchorage is well known as the cultural Mecca of Alaska, and it includes a considerable weight in the theater, the arts, and with these cultural centers, a very prominent gay community. Anchorage Sun dazzling city, but offers a feel good vibe that will make you very comfortable in its many gay bars in Alaska.

In Anchorage you will definitely want to stay at the Glacier Brewhouse, a well-known gay bar in Alaska, which is known for its cultural cuisine and beer lambic. Coffeehouse Laurus also well-known Alaska gay bar, which offers a more intimate setting for lounging with a coffee, cocktails, and complimentary wireless Internet access.

When in Anchorage, check Cyrano & # 39; Theater Company, where you can catch a show and hang them from blossoming gay community after. After the show, the head of the city to enjoy the night strange Alaska gay bars. Mad Peacefully & # 39; s is one of Alaska's gay bars, hosts cabaret and dancing hot and heavy. For more male oriented, check out Raven, just a stone's throw from the peace & # 39; s.