The importance of sustainable development measures for the Alaska Seafood


Many have heard about sustainable Alaska seafood, but not many actually know how and why sustainability is so important when it comes to the fishing industry. Consumers can choose a special Alaskan seafood, because they know that is guaranteed fresh, wild caught and sustained, or simply because they prefer the appearance, taste and texture of Alaskan products available. Sometimes doing the right thing for the environment can be a useful and tasty too! Sustainable Alaskan seafood entirely healthy eating or organic manie or a trend, but a way to manage Alaska fishing, which has been for many decades.

Maintaining sustainable seafood is a team effort, from biologists studying the actual kinds of seafood to fisheries, which should record the data on catches, to doctors who keep the laws of stability on the ground, a seafood lover like you, who choose the new sustainable products! Conservation laws were written in the Alaska State Constitution in 1959 and continue to be the driving force behind one of the most environmentally sound fishing in the world. Thus, the Alaskan fishery is considered a model for the rest of the world to work towards when it comes to the sustainability of natural resources in general, but especially when it comes to the fishing industry.

One example of a very effective measure to & # 39 is the placement of independent scientific observers on each fishing vessel for the production of certain types of recording catch data and other vital statistics. The second simply discard any sample that is too small, or a woman, as an extremely important measure yaw and shellfish industry, for example. The list continues to include the implementation of harvest limits equipment used and limits on permitted places of harvest.

Why is it necessary to record data on catches and to keep track of this meticulous seafood industry? The simple answer is to prevent the kinds of seafood from going extinct! Seafood consumption in the United States & # 39 is an industry of more than $ 50 billion, and that number seems to be growing every year. At the beginning of the 20th century, such as the catch data recording were back on the amount of harvested salmon, and the salmon population has taken a huge blow. If demand for seafood was quite happy, wild populations could soon determine the existence. It & # 39; so he and # 39; so it is important to maintain control and ensure excellent model stability, established in Alaska and # 39; s fishing.