With passion for ice cream; Alaska & # 39

Alaskans have a lot of ice cream. A few associations that keep track of such things put his signature on this fact. Records show that Alaskans consume more ice cream than any other state in the United States record also shows that the average American with a & # 39; eats rough 4 gallons of ice cream per year, and that Alaskans with & # 39; have a little more than average. This can add to a lot of ice cream. It & # 39; first rumors that Alaska & # 39; record with may even include the whole world, but there & # 39; s just another there is no evidence anywhere.

Now do not think that Alaskans will only have any ice cream. Alaskans eat ice cream all year round, never get tired of it, and are more than willing to pay for the good stuff. They are pretty picky people. About 15 years ago the famous American ice cream chain went out of business in Fairbanks, Alaska. Someone did not appear on a small Alaskan town (small then) being so special about their ice cream. They need to & # 39; ve thought that Alaskans were desperate that they could get. Probably & # 39; Name & # 39; brand will guarantee them a good business there in that 50 – 70 below 0 in winter part of the world. They sure could & # 39; ve used the Alaskan Business Tour Guide. They were informed that the name alone does not mean anything for Alaskans. They expect that the quality of the equivalent, they are waiting for him with all their goods and services.

Alaskans and those who later in life decided to live there, in general, with the & # 39 are rough and tough bunch, because a large part of Alaska's rough and tough life. As opposed to all this and # 39; s pristine beauty and grandeur, there are difficulties, to live in the & # 39; Last Frontier, that one can not imagine one without living there for some time; at least, a good pair of harsh winter and summer. In many parts of Alaska, people should create their own convenience. Hard work with & # 39 is an understatement most of the time, and very few amenities available. In short, Alaskans work and wait for the best quality for your dollars. It & # 39; S Quality or they go anywhere without apology.

Another is the American ice cream chain opened for the first time in Alaska a few years ago. They too were in Alaska bank & # 39; s passion for good ice cream. This husband and wife team had the advantage, though. Wife was born and raised in Alaska. She knew that Alaskans enjoyed. During a visit that Alaskans call the lower 48, they are absolutely ofigel over the ice cream they bought a new premium ice cream and yogurt shop. It is not a privilege, but as long as they believed that it would work in Alaska. They also know that they can not take any shortcuts, if they want to succeed. Thus, after the investigations, they had to convince the company that they were not Var & # 39; crazy that Alaskans really loves ice cream. Nia until they showed them the statistics of Alaska and # 39; s consumption of ice cream did they begin to take on a couple of verses of & # 39; ozna franchising company. It took about five years, but they opened their first store in Anchorage. It was hard work, but the assumption is paid off better than expected, and has expanded to Ken a couple of months ago.

The difference? Ice cream was just a good quality ice cream, with no short cuts. Not so surprising details about this new chain of ice cream it Var & # 39; Jacek high prices, which, by the way, until now, Alaskans were prepared to pay. Hey, if Alaskans loved him, it should be good.