You can not ride a bike in Alaska – it & # 39; S island! – Book Review


Mickey Thomas decided to join a group of cyclists who were planning a trip from Montana to Alaska in a bicycle expedition. Mickey has never been on a bike tour of any reasonable length and does not have the necessary camping and cycling equipment. But Mickey has just completed two years of graduate work in North Carolina, and he felt that with imagination and knowing how to ride a bike had all the requirements, it is necessary to join the expedition on a bicycle in Alaska.

Mickey kept a record of his thoughts and experiences while traveling with a group of Alaska, and it connects them very well in this book. Mickey and a group of ten riders were many amusing adventures and several heavy and even just terrible as well. Events expedition presented in chronological order along with photos, quotes, stories, facts, and Mikki and # 39; s unique observations.

What I liked most about the book was Mickey & # 39; s sharp and ironic sense of humor. I always smiled and laughed when I read his account every day & # 39; s journey. His style is a warm letter, to the point and very observer. For example, we & # 39; in all previously had experience with mosquitoes, but listen to Mickey describes the meeting. "It was a race to get to my tent before mosquitoes understand what I'm doing. Can make for a very uncomfortable night and rabies. "The humorous observations like these populate almost every page.

The book also contains numerous discussions about the geography and history of the local area. It & # 39; s another thing that I enjoyed about the book. By the time I finished reading about the group & # 39; s expedition from Montana to Alaska through Canada, I knew a lot more about those places than I could have imagined that I would be.

Anyone who has ever been on a bike tour in any place will especially appreciate this book. I also recommend it to anyone who likes to travel in North America, and for anyone who loves a good adventure story. Humor will keep you participate until the very end.

"You can not ride a bike in Alaska. Written by Mickey Thomas and is available through and ISBN with & # 39 is 0-595-37350-X.