Life Cycle Spot Shrimp and Alaskan seafood sustainability


While various types of seafood, it may seem magical to the & # 39; appear on seafood markets and grocery stores throughout the world, the truth is that it is difficult to harvest and careful monitoring to ensure sustainability is to maintain fresh, delicious, wild seafood on the shelves. There is no better example of the stamp-planning and research, including fresh seafood wild than Alaska. As it is written in the constitution of the State of Alaska, the state since 1959, it provided that fishing in Alaska adhere States and # 39; s practice of sustainability under the strict supervision of the relevant authorities. Thus, the life cycles of many kinds of seafood as Alaska salmon, Alaska dot Shrimp should be carefully analyzed and studied.

Part of maintaining sustainable populations of Alaska put various suitable harvest season in place. For example, in Alaska spot prawns always reproduce only after the female molts, which occurs in the fall. This is the time when the harvest is not allowed in the waters of Alaska for fear of tripping mating cycle. During the winter, keep the eggs safely transported around the female shrimp until they hatch. After hatching, the larvae go through several stages of life, at the end of the summer developed into a full juvenile shrimp. If shrimp are too small, or seen to be a juvenile, it must be discarded, as it can take several years to reach sexual maturity. Respecting the life cycle was absolutely necessary to maintain a strong population in the waters of Alaska.

Not only that Alaska Spot Prawns similar models mating throughout the year, but similar patterns of feeding during the day. At certain times of the day or night, they can always be found either in a deep or shallow water, depending on the flow chart. While fishing may use this predictability, Alaska shrimp keeps protected by controlling the amount of fishing and harvesting has allowed to happen during the day. Each year, about 90% of the shrimp harvested from the pots and traps in Alaska Alaska Spot Prawns. Harvests each year measured in tonnes, and everyone should be frozen to live on board fishing vessels. Or & # 39 are all of these efforts are the result? Just ask any fanatic fresh, wild, Alaska shrimp and the answer will surely be a & # 39; let & # 39 !;