Alaska & # 39; S Top Fly fishing Designated


Alaska is well known around the world for the excellent fly fishing. Thus, the & # 39; It s not surprising that every year anglers flock to the borderline to catch some of the action. But once you have decided to go on a fishing trip to Alaska, where you need to go to find the best fly fishing opportunities? There are countless options to choose from depending on what part of the state you and # 39; I will attend.

In order to make it easier to choose the place of fishing, check the top spot of fly fishing in Alaska.

Chilkat River

Located in the southeastern part of the state Chilkat River is a prime spot for fly fishing salmon. All five types of Alaskan salmon are common in Chilkat including silver, red, and chinook salmon. Malmo, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout are also available. This area also serve as an important bald eagle live, so it might be eagles fishing with you. Chilkat River near Skagway and Haines, so you can use any city as a base for fish.


Running through the mountain ranges of Southcentral Alaska's Susitna another great place to go fly fishing. Some of the fish species that are in Sustina include rainbow trout, all kinds of Pacific salmon (like a king, red and silver), grayling and Malmö. Sustina close to Anchorage, so you can get settled in, and then take a seaplane ride from there to the river.

Ken river

Until now, the most famous river in Alaska, Ken-known spectacular fly fishing – and for one species of fish, especially chinook. Ken River is located in Southcentral Alaska and parts runs from Ken Lake in Cook Inlet. Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, coho and sockeye salmon can all be found in this area. Chinook fishing with & # 39 is the most popular sport on the river, and for a good reason. Most of the largest registered kings were caught in the river Ken. The river is easily accessible by car, and there are few cities that can be used as a basis.

Kakha Sheets lake

In the south-east Alaska is Kakha Sheets Lake, which literally means "Fisheries". Kakha letters to well-known fly fishing, especially for trout fishing in Alaska. Cutthroat, rainbow, rainbow trout and Malmö are all common in Kach letters. Other fish species available include red and silver salmon. River more remote, so you & # 39; You will need to gain access to the seaplane. You can also rent a Forest Service cabin on the lake for a longer fishing.

Kasilof River

Located in Southcentral parts of the state Kasilof River there is another place for fly fishing. The Kasilof you can find many of the same species of fish that are available in the Ken River, Kasilof but has a much more relaxed atmosphere will be less crowding. The more popular types of fish found in the red salmon, rainbow trout, king salmon and coho salmon. Kasilof can be reached by car, so you can use any number of Alaskan cities as a base.

There are so many great places for fly fishing in Alaska, in the places listed only touched the tip of the iceberg. The final frontier is broad and teeming with fish ready for you to enjoy. No matter where you go fly fishing in Alaska, it & # 39; s sure to be an amazing experience. Happy fishing!