Recipes Alaskan Dungeness Crab and crab


With so many great seafood, one way or the & # 39; s not surprising that the crab meat that comes out of Alaska's second net. Especially prized among Alaska and # 39; s proposal with crab & # 39 are the king crab and Dungeness crab. Both are among the best, most exquisite varieties of crab to be had anywhere. Dungeness crab season, far more than the king crab season lasts from December to June, and most of the fresh Dungeness is found before the start of this period.

Try one of these great recipes the next time you have the pleasure of buying any of these beautiful crabs in the local market … or if you ever make it to Alaska! A particular favorite cream of crab soup recipe described below!

· Dungeness Crab Cream Soup:

Heat half a stick of butter in a saucepan, and when it begins to brown add a glass of milk, 4 cups half and a small can of cream of celery soup. Stir and add minced parsley and spices (pinch each of the old bay, curry powder, salt and pepper), and after 5 minutes of cooking, add pound of crabmeat. Turn off the heat and leave it for several minutes. Add a splash of sherry or brandy to add punch.

· King Crab Royale:

Split open a few feet of a crab (about 12 ounces of meat at all), leaving the meat inside the shell, though, may split and sharply little to make removal easier when eating. Separately, mix in a bowl, half a cup of melted butter, a grated onion, finely chopped parsley and tarragon (a small handful in total), half a lemon juice and a tablespoon of hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste, Baste crab legs, and send it to the brazier . Prepare the high flame for 5 minutes or 5 by removing every 2 minutes to baste again.

These two collections of king crab and Dungeness crab are all it takes to be a favorite of Alaskan seafood: simplicity and versatility. Seafood consumers seem to appreciate these two qualities, as well as everything else that is love on environmentally conscious Alaskan fishing industry and all it can offer. You can even start with the cream of crab soup, and then work your way to the red king crab Royale in the final!