Investments in Alaskan land for sale


Alaska, the state is filled with crystal clear lakes and streams, the impressive snow-capped mountain ranges and fresh air, it's a great place to move! Bring your things & # 39; w, bring your business, because your Alaskan land investment name!

Knowing the statistics on the state may affect your decision to invest in the ground there. Alaska with & # 39 is the largest state in area (586.412 square miles) and a & # 39 is home to almost 700 000 inhabitants (that & # 39 is an increase of 59.361, or 9.5% from the 2000 census and 2008). It is bordered by the Canadian Yukon Territory and British Columbia. Over 80% of the country's income from oil and gas. The next largest exporting seafood, including cod, salmon and crab. There is employment in the government, military and tourism. Property prices in the immediate vicinity of the national average tax rates are lower than average and the income above the national average. The unemployment rate below the national average and by 8.4% in January 2010, Alaska real estate investment and development projects were some of the & # 39 are in the past few years, and investors are scooping them. There are many cities in Alaska, where the property is sold at affordable prices, including Bristol Bay, Delta Junction, Anchorage, Nome, Fairbanks & Juneau, to name a few.

These factors make Alaska land for sale is very attractive for the investor. For more information on Alaska and in the real estate and employment opportunities, and basically any other questions you may have, you can visit the website SLED state.

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You should get a bird & # 39; Eye View of Alaska pipeline


Alaskan pipeline, which is also known as «Trans Alaska Pipeline System», was designed to transport oil 800 miles from the North Slope of Alaska to Northern port in Valdez, Alaska. Alaskan oil pipeline crosses the three ridges, over 800 water, fault lines, boggy ground frost bullets and Caribbean base migration.

The construction was extremely difficult, considering the unforgiving terrain, taking unequal two years builders to finish; movement of the first oil through in 1977. The final price tag was $ 8 billion dollars, but the end result was well worth it, with 15 billion barrels of oil that pass through.

"All of a sudden people started coming to the city," described JB Carnahan, a former police officer in Fairbanks, Alaska. "It was kind of fast when it took off. Because I do not think anyone really believes that this monstrous project will affect us. I mean, maybe there is no policy, but I think the average guy was just kind of go, Oh, of course, we & # 39; We heard it before, and # 39, because it has always been a boom or bust town.

And suddenly, there it was. "When did the project of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, the flow of people came to the city from $ 3000 – $ 5000 available burning holes in their pockets, beautiful women arrived from New York and Florida, welders and builders pushed up from Oklahoma and Texas, South America and Irish immigrants came to collect a check and everyone from secretaries and teachers, prostitutes and pimps came in search of his destiny.

Fairbanks had not seen such activity since the gold rush in the late 1800s! During the year, the population has doubled in size to 40,000 strong, and the pipeline project has transformed this sleepy two-cop town into a bustling metropolis. Unfortunately, with all the business came higher rents, more drugs and more crime.

Construction of the Alaska pipeline was exploit the immune system, taking three years, using more than 70,000 people and cost more than $ 8 billion engineer Bill X & # 39;. YIT said that the organization was one of the biggest problems. "As all these things and materials, and the ability to withstand the 10,000 people who work in a place where no one has worked before.

And there was no infrastructure – it was a big deal. "For the contractors, they worked hard, but they are hard to celebrate, too. Diane Benson commented, "We used to joke that you could say that the Union who belonged to the fact that the drug of choice they had. I mean, it seemed like operators were n & # 39; Team Janica or coke were monsters and childbirth were pots. "

Many tourists visiting the state of Alaska, hoping to catch a bird & # 39; s eye view massive Alaska 800-mile pipeline, which extends over mountains and blue violet ice illuminated purple sunsets or compensated brilliant blue sky, grass zigzags through yellowed or straight through liner frozen tundra. Customers can photograph the pipeline from several points of view marked along highways Richardson, Steese and Dalton.

Richardson Highway, you can stop at Milepost V 64.7 (pump station 12), Milepost V 216 (Denali Fault), Milepost V 243,5 and Tanana River Crossing Pipeline at Milepost V 275,4. On the lookout spot Steese Highway, visitors can go directly to the pipe or verify information cabin on "Trans-Alaska Pipeline Viewpoint", located at Milepost F 8.4, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Dalton along the highway that parallels the pipeline, you can see the structure of the visitors Contacts station BLM Yukon River Crossing at Milepost J 56, just over two hours from Fairbanks.


Tasting the natural goodness Alaskan Seafood Recipes


Fish and seafood from the & # 39 are the natural source of fatty acids Omega 3. This is called brain foods that can be cooked in different ways. Examples include barbecue, poaching, broiling, fried, smoked and even baking.

Seafood recipes are simple, requiring less time to prepare. You can even add your favorite ingredients to make a unique and healthy way of cooking seafood.

Alaska is in the lead in providing the best fresh seafood sea. They provide the best flavorful recipes. Coal Point Seafood Company Homer Harbor encourages people to buy seafood directly from fishermen. They can provide a step-by-step quality control in the production of top of the line seafood. They sell seafood that is a & # 39; Eden on the same day, using a technique called "explosive" and "freezing" to provide flavorful recipes dinner plate.

Ice cold Alaskan water offers rich premier & # 39; er quality seafood products. It can provide five types of salmon, three kinds of crab in Alaska and excellent whitefish and shrimp. Thus, Alaskan seafood contain high-quality protein and is carbohydrates- free, with moderate fat and calories. Here are some of Alaskan seafood recipes that everyone can enjoy:

King crab Recipes
Alaskan king crab (Paralithodes) with & # 39 is the largest in his family & # 39; and. It weighs 25 pounds. It goes well with a variety of condiments because of its juicy taste. Large pieces of white meat can be paired with a view of a light fall. Its soft texture and delicious flavor can give a lot of potential good food recipes.

Alaska King Crab Royal
about 12 ounces. thawed Alaska king crab legs with split
about 1 tbsp. lemon juice
and a cup of melted butter
about 1 tbsp. parsley, finely chopped
about 2 teaspoon of chopped onion
o g teaspoon chopped tarragon
of Hot Pepper

Cut crab legs with 1 to 3 in. Or you can remove the crab meat and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Return it to its shell and a & # 39; to combine the remaining ingredients. Brush is to crab. In the broiler pan, put crab legs, along with its shell side down about 3 to 5 minutes. Heat it for 3 to 4 minutes. Brush it with the sauce. This can make 2 servings of the dish.

Interrogation method: Place the crab legs on top of the rack. It should be 5 inches above the coals. Grill it for 5 minutes, clean it with a time sauce.

salmon Recipes
Alaska & # 39, S Salmon ranks as the best seafood in the world. Five species of the king, sockeye, red, pink and cohochum provides the tough texture, rich color and flavor. Freezing technology embedded salmon provides a locked in freshness throughout the year for a wonderful way to cook it.

Alaska Seafood Parmesan
O 4 parts thaw salmon filet in Alaska
O 4 sheets (12×18 in.) Aluminum foil
a cup Parmesan cheese, grated
O 2 medium red pepper strips called
of cayenne pepper

On average, high, heat the grill or oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Use non-stick cooking spray, which can be put on the foil and fillet in the center. Sprinkle it with parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper on top, with vegetables. Fold and bake for 18 to 22 minutes. You can also grill it for 10 to 12 minutes and cover it. This recipe is good for 4 people.

cod Recipes
Cod with & # 39 is a versatile seafood that is a & # 39 is a mild, lean and flaky. It is usually sold as fillets, skinless and boneless. Abundant supply of Alaska can make a daily family menu & # 39; and.

Alaska crack, Orzo and Cucumber Salad
about 1 pound cod fillets of Alaska
O 1 cup Orzo (rice-shaped pasta)
O 2 peeled, seeded cucumbers, cut into strips
O 8 lettuce leaves
about 1 / 4cup green onions, chopped
O 4 lemon slices
about 1 teaspoon lemon zest
and with a cup of blue cheese salad
about 4 teaspoons chopped red bell pepper
of t h. tablespoons lemon juice
of Salt and Pepper

Mix lemon zest, blue cheese and lemon juice. Set aside for several minutes. Fry or roast fillet of cod. cooking time must be in the range of 4 to 8 minutes, but it should also depend on the method used. Put again.

Boil 4 cups of salted water and add Orzo. al dente cooked for 8 to 10 minutes. Drain and cool.
Flake the cod fillet and put it together with Orzo and cucumber slices in a bowl. Add the sauce and green onions. Mix it with salt and pepper.

Divide the salad on 4 plates, which has 2 under lettuce. Decorate it with red pepper and lemon wedge.

Alaskan seafood is really proud that offers a delicious and nutritious recipes, providing you with ease in cooking.


Unexpected kinds of support to the protection of Alaskan undersea ecosystems


When a new species is found, regardless of where in the world, it's fun for the whole scientific community and important to the human race. Finding a new species from the & # 39 is a humbling reminder that the human race is not necessarily all about this planet found so far at least! Often turn out to be new species in remote areas of the jungle and tropical forests, or from the bottom of the sea. What really turns heads when the species is manifested in an unexpected place, right under the noses of watchful observers, such as the case in 2004, when one layer Rhodoliths were found in close proximity to the coast of Alaska.

How many of those who live or work around the fishing industry in Alaska already know marine habitat in Alaska is under scrutiny and observed by many. Not only do the locals and scientists are interested in the natural and scientific miracles in the waters of Alaska, but carefully established methods of stability, regulating the activity of the Alaska Fisheries attach great importance to the study, preservation and protection of wild Alaskan waters. That's why it's especially exciting when in the heart of Prince William unexpected species can be found.

While Rhodoliths layers can be found in the oceans of the world, such as near Greenland in the Arctic waters for the first time they have been recorded in the waters of Alaska. Despite the fact that they resemble the coral, the Rhodoliths actually produce energy through photosynthesis. Their discovery in the marine habitat in Alaska & # 39 is important because of the role of general Rhodoliths takes in marine ecosystems, acting as a transitional habitat. Thus, as a rule, Rhodoliths are between sandy terrain and early rocky areas. When it comes to certain types of seafood, such as scallops and mussels, Rhodoliths, as is known, the zone where the habit of living such species.

In Alaska, the great length left in order to prevent damage or destruction on the ocean floor. Preservation of the marine habitat in Alaska in tact with the & # 39 is part of the sustainability management. Disputes between that strategy and tactics should be viable for Alaska fishing always refuel when a new or unexpected species is found in the icy waters of Alaska. One of the most controversial, bottom trawling, in fact scrapes and stirs the whole ecosystem, which can reduce the biodiversity, productivity and complexity of marine habitat in Alaska for repairs. If the networks are used in bottom trawling many unwanted marine species, known as tide, thrown back, but it is often too late. By the time when they are re-released into the water they are already dead, or close to it.

Fortunately, there are many organizations working for the protection of the world's oceans. If the marine environment are protected, the chance of finding new and unexpected species as Rhodoliths greatly increased. Do the right thing, keeping fresh, wild Alaskan seafood that comes from sustainable fisheries for the conservation and protection of the marine environment of Alaska.