Alaska: Amazing leader in alternative energy technologies


Alaska is known for its oil and natural gas. Rich deposits of fossil fuels to power American cars and houses, as well as in Alaska's economy for decades. Indeed, because of the intense amount of oil pumped from Alaska & # 39; s north slope, each Alaskan received a deposit the check from the Permanent Fund dividends each year.

What most people do not realize that Alaska can also be one of the leaders in the development of alternative energy technologies. Last Frontier rich geothermal energy sources. Alaska also & # 39 is home to many rivers that could provide hydropower. And the wind, especially around the coastal areas, is ubiquitous in Alaska, providing huge potential of wind energy resource just waiting to be collected. Even solar energy can not be considered in Alaska, with long summer days. Here are some of the latest developments of non-fossil fuel-based energy sources available in the largest US state.

Wind power with a & # 39 is one of the fastest growing sources of energy in order to bring on stream. Kodiak community plans to meet 95% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, with wind. Kodiak has recently invested $ 21.5 million in a wind turbine, which started its operations in 2009, wind energy alone to save the community of 800,000 gallons of oil-based fuel per year, worth about $ 2 million. Another example is the island in the Bay of Fire Cook, south of Anchorage. The wind farm is built there that will produce enough energy to heat and light 19,500 homes.

Geothermal energy is also available. Consider Resort Chena Hot Springs, which is miles away from any electrical network. Here 400 kW geothermal power plant provides all the energy needs for the site. There are also 40 active volcanoes in Alaska and more than 100 other hot springs, all of which offer potential sources of geothermal energy that can be used. The great advantage of geothermal energy from the & # 39 is that it is accessible 24/7, regardless of the conditions outside & # 39; I, unlike solar or wind energy.

Water provides another potentially rich resource of energy, thus differs from the conventional hydroelectric. Alaska has some of the world & # 39; s largest tidal fluctuations, offering another rich and predictable source of energy. Ocean Renewable Power Company plans to test tidal energy produced in Cook Inlet, by installing a turbine in order to use the fast current, as a result of tidal movements there. If successful, renewable energy for thousands more houses will be available.

Even biofuels get some game in Alaska, although to a lesser extent than other renewable energy sources. In the case of Alaska, biofuel production sources will be wood, fish by-products, sawmill residues and municipal waste.

Alaska makes a wise investment now in the field of renewable energy sources in the future. If the script is successful, Alaska may be the country's leader in the field of renewable energy.


Alaska Salmon Fishing


Alaska has a well-developed tourism sector that welcomes thousands of anglers from around the world each year. Since Alaska is such a huge area of ‚Äč‚Äčland with a long coast line and numerous streams and rivers, you can enjoy secluded wildlife fishing without having to express the crowd other anglers.

Sport fishermen traveling to Alaska, as a rule, to purchase an all-inclusive trip, because it means that they can focus entirely on fishing and waste no time in finding housing, worry about the logistics and search restaurants, staying away from any city. Since many parts of Alaska are not available conventional cars, finding a fishing trip arranger that can provide you with small serviced aircraft, SUVs and fishing boats from the & # 39 is a very good idea. Having someone to care about the mechanisms of food intake, if you are in the desert, also appreciated by many sport fishing.

When you start shopping around for travel consultant, you should ideally compare different travel arranger before you choose one. Use the internet and compare prices and services online, and feel free to send an email or call different companies to find out the details that are important to you. When you look around for the trip arranger, it may be useful to bear in mind that Alaska is divided into six regions: Southwest Alaska, Southeast Alaska, Alaska Interior, South and Central, Ken and Kodiak region. Southwest Alaska, where you will find a large Bristol Bay; the area is very popular among sport fishers. Southeast Alaska will contain fishing destinations such as the cost of the island of Wales, while the Alaska Inter & # 39; er, where you should go if you want to enjoy fishing in the Copper River. South Central is situated next to Prince William and Ken, of course, the region in which you'll find Ken River. Finally, Kodiak area where you can fish for salmon in the famous river Kodiak.

If you really want to splash out during your Alaska salmon may choose one of the most exclusive private islands, where you will enjoy a first-rate location, top restaurants and even cherish the sauna and steam rooms after a long day of fishing. Others prefer a more rough and traditional way of life is quite simple huts during their fishing and enjoy life away from any sign of civilization. Chop your own wood, and create a cozy fire, cook your catch of the day in the old fashion oven and evening in candlelight or look at the stars far away from all the stress of city living.

If you examine the different types of accommodation, it is very important to find out how many people they can accommodate. Some private organizers Alaskan trips will only be able to get a few people, which makes them a great alternative if you are traveling alone or with a small company, but less suitable if you are a & # 39; is part of a large group.


Alaska Cruises – Watch the majestic landscape of the Last Frontier


Alaska cruises are very popular, thanks to the scenery, which is breathtaking beauty and natural wonder on a large scale. The Last Frontier & # 39; s majestic landscape, perhaps best seen in Alaska cruises, especially for first time visitors. When choosing a cruise, there are some things that need to be considered. These cruises are actually all 7 days, with some exceptions. For more in-depth experience, you can choose the Alaska cruise tour that adds land to your cruise. Cruise tours are long, usually 10 to 12 days, including the cruise, but there are things to do for as long as three weeks.

Big ship Alaska cruises, staying in floating cities. They have casinos, health clubs, cinemas, restaurants, lounges, and a lot of live music. They are quite luxurious. Princess Cruises to the & # 39 is one of the major players in the cruise industry in Alaska. They have four cruise ships that service in Alaska. They Coral Princess, Diamond Princess, Island Princess and Sapphire Princess. Holland America cruises tend to appeal to older travelers. Their ships have a traditional atmosphere with service to match. Their ships to Alaska & # 39 are Ryndam, Statendam and Veendam in. Several other major cruise lines servicing Alaska. They include Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Small ship Alaska cruises:

If you want a more intimate cruise experience, consider a small ship. Many small cruise to focus on special interests, like bird watching or glaciers. Scientists often accompany cruises put the sights in the long term. Small court can get to places that larger ships can not go. In addition, they have a lot more flexibility with their schedule. Small capital often ask their passengers that they want to see, or where they want to go. Small ships cruises may cost more than the big ships. In addition, they have less comfort and convenience. However, if you care more about making up close and personal with nature in Alaska than you about how to pamper yourself, then little can be guides for you.

Princess Cruises offers panoramic perspectives of the wonders of nature. The monumental nature of the glaciers & # 39; s draw and Alaska & # 39; s waterways show more of these exciting Ice Age guys than anywhere else on earth. Alaska & # 39; Inside Passage s is one of the most picturesque sea-lanes in the world, where they live eagle, whales, sea lions, otters, brown bears, mountain goats and flocks of seabirds. Also, you & # 39; visit the many wonderful ports of call, full of rich history and native culture.

Holland America Cruises allow you to watch the whale bread and eagles soar, how do you spend the whole day in Glacier Bay National Park. You travel through Alaska and # 39; th sublime beauty and frontier ports in unsurpassed luxury and comfort. On Holland America Line & # 39; s spectacular 7 day Alaskan cruise vacation, you get a large selection of Alaska cruise itineraries than any other cruise line. Holland America with & # 39 is the only cruise line to offer Glacier Bay National Park on all three major cruise itineraries. Their spacious, medium-sized ships carry fewer guests, which provide quiet corners and unlimited views.

When To Go In Alaska Cruises:

The most popular time to go to Alaska cruises & # 39 is June, July and August. This is when the weather & # 39; e is the warmest in Alaska. Expect to pay more just for cruises during this time. May and September with a & # 39 is the shoulder season. Weather & # 39; e is less predictable, but the Gulf of Alaska are still available for large cruise ships. You can get the best prices for the shoulder season. A few small cruise ships to sail in April. It still can be very cold in April and early May. Consider this, if you book your cruise.


Camping in Alaska


Camping is always a good way to see the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the wildlife. Chugach State Park with the & # 39 is the first park that I read about, it is located in south central Alaska, and it is about one and a half million acres. South Central Alaska contains a wide ocean coastline, abundance of lakes, huge glaciers and ice fields. Park is located 7 miles east of downtown Anchorage, and its western border lies in the western peradgor & # 39; pits Chugach Range. Chugach is the name of the indigenous population, which previously inhabited the senior cook.

Currently there are many parks located in the inter & # 39; EASURES Alaska. Some of them taught my mind as I read about them. Alaska Tok looks beautiful; it is near the upper valley of the Tanana River, at the foot of the mountain at the end of the Alaska Range. Current is near the historic gold mines, wildlife, forests and vast interior Alaskan rivers. Tok area allows entering Alaska Highway through Alaskan first opportunity to explore the Alaska Range. There are three recreation areas in Tok, which will allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy the Alaskan wilderness.

Eagle Trail State Recreation Site is located 16 miles south of Tok and visited by tourists traveling between Tok and Glennallen. While on the Eagle trail has several historic sites that you should check out. Valdez-Eagle Trail, Old Slana highway, and Washington-Alaska Military Cable and telephone system (WAMCATS) great historical places to see. Lake Moon State Recreation Site is located 15 miles northwest of Tok and & # 39 is a popular place for locals. Moon Lake has a number of campsites to enjoy the lake and all it can offer. You may even be lucky to see a few pilots shrub land on the shore of the lake. River Tok State Recreation Site is very popular among tourists and is located 4.5 miles east of Tok. There are 43 campgrounds and campfire area group is provided on the sandy shore of the river Tok. This park is located on the east bank of the river Tok and allows the boat and floating down the river.

Upper Chatanika State Recreation Site with & # 39 is a 73-acre park, which is located at mile 39 on the highway Streese. This recreation area is popular among tourists and vacationers from Fairbanks. Then there is the Lower Chatanika State Recreation Area is about 400 acres and is located near mile 10.5 on the Elliot Highway. It is also 10 miles canoe trip from the Upper Chatanika. Lower Chatanika offers many things to do all year round. Such as options, including: Camping, fishing, picnicking, hiking, berry picking, Boating / Floating, ATV handling / snow, ice fishing, dog sledding, Night Sky view, and cross-country skiing, to name a few.

Now, I only went to a few places to camp. I'll keep checking Alaska and write a few more places. Those few that I have mentioned will be the first place I check when I get to Alaska.


Cruise from Seattle to Alaska – to learn about your different options and what you can try


If you want a cruise experience that includes seeing some of the most beautiful desert in the world, to go to Alaska. Spend 7 days or longer accept either Inside or Outside the passage fare, both of which have a lot of great attractions to offer. The easiest and most affordable way to start a journey to book a cruise from Seattle to Alaska.

There are two city cruise terminals that make Seattle a better choice for any Alaska and the Pacific NW cruise. You can find packages from all the major cruise lines, including Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America, Celebrity, Oceania and Princess Cruises. The annex to Joo, Anchorage, Ketchikan and Skagway, some from other cities and places, you get to experience the Victoria and in the Bay Area glacial.

That are all included in an Alaskan cruise? Standard fare usually includes three meals a day, room service, regular drinks (tea, coffee, juice, lemonade, and water), entertainment and accommodation. There are luxury packages that include much more, such as shore excursions and gratuities. What exactly are your cruise from Seattle to Alaska includes can also pitch & # 39; iravatstsa from one ship to another line.

The best time to visit during the months of May, June and September. During these months, passengers are more likely to find a whale from the ship directly. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you, however. If you really want to see the sea life, consider signing up for a whale-watching tours that are usually available around Juneau. When cruising around the ice fields, you may be able to view other wildlife like birds and seals.

Other activities in O & # 39; combined with cruises from Seattle to Alaska

If you have one or two days to spare in Seattle, before you get on the ship, there are many activities and shopping opportunities close to the pier. Many of the main attractions like the Space Needle and the aquarium are within blocks of the waterfront.

You want your cruise to Alaska to be a one-way or round trip? Some routes will lead you back to Seattle. Look at the flight options to determine whether it must be in your best interest to complete their journey to Juneau and fly back.

Another thing to look at on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska shore excursions that are available in each port of call. You can go snorkeling in Ketchikan, dog sledding in Juneau, rafting, trekking glacier, and so on. However, it is often cheaper to arrange their trips, rather than go along with what the cruise line offers.

Get discounts on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska online. There are many routes and packages to choose from. You can also compare the prices of airline tickets to Seattle. Always check to see if there are any online promotional codes, which will be useful for you before booking the trip.