Camping in Alaska


Camping is always a good way to see the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the wildlife. Chugach State Park with the & # 39 is the first park that I read about, it is located in south central Alaska, and it is about one and a half million acres. South Central Alaska contains a wide ocean coastline, abundance of lakes, huge glaciers and ice fields. Park is located 7 miles east of downtown Anchorage, and its western border lies in the western peradgor & # 39; pits Chugach Range. Chugach is the name of the indigenous population, which previously inhabited the senior cook.

Currently there are many parks located in the inter & # 39; EASURES Alaska. Some of them taught my mind as I read about them. Alaska Tok looks beautiful; it is near the upper valley of the Tanana River, at the foot of the mountain at the end of the Alaska Range. Current is near the historic gold mines, wildlife, forests and vast interior Alaskan rivers. Tok area allows entering Alaska Highway through Alaskan first opportunity to explore the Alaska Range. There are three recreation areas in Tok, which will allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy the Alaskan wilderness.

Eagle Trail State Recreation Site is located 16 miles south of Tok and visited by tourists traveling between Tok and Glennallen. While on the Eagle trail has several historic sites that you should check out. Valdez-Eagle Trail, Old Slana highway, and Washington-Alaska Military Cable and telephone system (WAMCATS) great historical places to see. Lake Moon State Recreation Site is located 15 miles northwest of Tok and & # 39 is a popular place for locals. Moon Lake has a number of campsites to enjoy the lake and all it can offer. You may even be lucky to see a few pilots shrub land on the shore of the lake. River Tok State Recreation Site is very popular among tourists and is located 4.5 miles east of Tok. There are 43 campgrounds and campfire area group is provided on the sandy shore of the river Tok. This park is located on the east bank of the river Tok and allows the boat and floating down the river.

Upper Chatanika State Recreation Site with & # 39 is a 73-acre park, which is located at mile 39 on the highway Streese. This recreation area is popular among tourists and vacationers from Fairbanks. Then there is the Lower Chatanika State Recreation Area is about 400 acres and is located near mile 10.5 on the Elliot Highway. It is also 10 miles canoe trip from the Upper Chatanika. Lower Chatanika offers many things to do all year round. Such as options, including: Camping, fishing, picnicking, hiking, berry picking, Boating / Floating, ATV handling / snow, ice fishing, dog sledding, Night Sky view, and cross-country skiing, to name a few.

Now, I only went to a few places to camp. I'll keep checking Alaska and write a few more places. Those few that I have mentioned will be the first place I check when I get to Alaska.