Cruising to Haines and the Hubbard Glacier, Alaska


On our cruise to the coast of Alaska, we visited Haines, who & # 39 is a short journey to the north of Skagway. This is one of the more beautiful cities and a connecting road to the Alaska Highway. It is close to the coastal mountain range and is located on a wooded peninsula. Here we had to go to the Bald Eagle Preserve Chilcat raft through the valley. We were prepared with boots and lifejackets and separated from the eight to the inflated raft.

"Where an outboard motor?" I asked.

In fact, the water is too small, and we were guided down the fast flowing river by rowing. shallowness of the river is a salmon to be seen eagles, which are present in large numbers. Soon, he was alone on the water's edge. Personally, I think that the "bald" with the & # 39 is an unflattering description of such a magnificent bird. White Lane & # 39; e on top of her head and neck give it a majestic appearance. They stand in contrast to the black feathers on its wings and body.

Every so often the raft grounded on the shingle, and our guide became very energetic; raised us to the deep water, we were jumping up and down on a raft, to release it. We passed under the eagle sits 10 meters above us on the branch. The raft was nothing, but also rotates here and there giving everyone a view of the magnificent 360-degree views.

Passengers do not take the tour to find a city, suitable for walking. Alternatively, it was a full range of activities on board. bingo; entertainer in the tasting bar or in the lounge of guilt. Fully equipped gym was open from 7 am to 8 pm. Enthusiasts could be seen training before breakfast, even if they were not in a disco until 3 O & # 39; o'clock in the morning. Our evenings are often spent at the theater, song and dance revue had practiced and polished as I've seen anywhere. The acoustics were excellent too, you could hear every word in every part of the theater.

Hubbard Glacier was an event in the second half of the next day. We slowly ventured to the blue ice of the glacier. Around us were miniature icebergs caused by icebreaking from the end of the ice as he & # 39; leaves from the rock. Some of them were large enough to swim a person. Glacier six miles wide and 75 miles. It glows with this pure soft blue color, which is a 39 & # is characteristic of light reflected from the compressed ice. On deck was crowded with people who are looking for photo opportunities. The scene had a special kind of beauty not seen elsewhere on this cruise, or any other in my experience.

Kechitan was our last stop before returning home. We went to the Mountain Lake Canoe Adventure for two and a half hours. It was not a tour for enthusiastic canoeists, but it's good for a first timer.

We could take a cruise in conjunction with the review of the Rocky Mountains, but it would be the second time for us.