Male or female – problems that can be faced with an interpreter


When it comes to the French Italian and Spanish (among many others) there is always some difficulty in translating into English! One of the main causes of the & # 39 is that in the French language for floors words, if we just "it" that a & # 39 is a neutral floor.

This is what would a male or female or both? What should I use? This is often the question of what the translator or interpreter may encounter on a daily basis. Here is a brief article about my method of how to get around this!

A colleague contacted me asking for my help. She had to translate a sentence containing "Alaska" and wondered what it was in use. Her vocabulary was telling him that Alaska was a man's name, but she thought that she should be feminine, its ending in -a time is usually associated with the female form.

This is a common problem associated with names whose gender is not necessarily obvious. Since there is no neutral pronouns in French, it can be difficult to decide between male and female. Let's February in French, such as "FĂ©vrier" this "il est" (it is) or "of Elle est" (it is)

There is a rule that the name of the inherited form of the generic name is; for example, Paris is a city and therefore female. February is associated with the generic name, so it is male. However, this is not always so simple: sometimes it's name is associated with several rows of names for all sorts. To take the example given above, Alaska can be considered as a state (male) or as a region (women). Here the translators start to develop headaches.

To solve this dilemma, I discovered a little trick that allows me to get every time I get confused of which gender to speak their language.

Suppose that I have to translate the following sentence:

Alaska colder than Morocco

I would not try to determine a & # 39 is it better to say,

Alaska colder (FROID) than Morocco


Alaska colder (Froide), than Morocco

I would be happy to enrich the proposal to eliminate this problem, such as:

Alaska's climate is colder than Morocco

Not the word "cold" is no longer associated with Alaska, which has a problem of identity, but very masculine "climate".

Thus, we can see that we can completely avoid the problem, simply re-structuring an offer! Of course, this is not always possible, but I think this is a good trick for the other translators there who can spend hours on issues such as this.