Vancouver cruise vacation and land transport


Only one aspect of Vancouver & # 39; incredible natural wealth with the & # 39 is easy access to the ocean. In addition to spectacular ocean property and the beautiful beaches, the city has a great ocean trade advantage based. Vancouver in Canada & # 39; the largest and busiest port, the second plays an important role in the domestic and international economy. Of course, a city with a & # 39; is a world class destination in itself and is conveniently located relatively close to the legendary beauty of its northern neighbor, Alaska, Vancouver naturally sees significant for & # 39; the volume of tourist traffic through its ports.

The most popular cruise one between Alaska and Vancouver, that either starts or ends at the port of Vancouver, as a rule, in the picturesque docks in downtown Vancouver Convention Center. Vancouver & # 39; th repaired International Airport (YVR) also plays an important role in attracting traffic of cruise tourism, as many travelers quickly and easily arrive or & # 39; to go to Vancouver to start or end your vacation adventures.

There are cruises that come from Seattle and a South American neighbors, but, as a rule, they & # 39 are the only stop on the way north. North cruise legendary spectacular west coast of British Columbia. With the many islands in the Persian Gulf near Vancouver to a wide open Pacific cruise bound travelers will witness a stormy character that exists only in this part of the world. The more north you travel to Alaska, the closer you are to meet with the spectacular icebergs that make this cruise route is so popular. There are many steps along the way that take you to remote villages along the coast.

If you arrive or leave from Vancouver on a cruise trip, you'll be able to jump off the boat to tour around the wonderful city. The best part may be that your floating hotel is located in some of the most prime real estate in the world. Leave the bustling city core, or make your way to Kitsilano, University of British Columbia, Main Street, and even in the fishing village of Steveston, will cost you at that time, and at the very least help you get rid of your sea legs a bit,

If you are so absolutely set to make your vacation complete only boat adventure you can get on a different small cruise line in Vancouver. There are numerous boat rentals, company shuttles and ferries to all the Greater Vancouver area. Get out of the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island open you some really unique beauty of the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. Many islands, some inhabited, some scattered in the forward progression of Georgia. You'll see wild marine life, and to experience the sea in the sky forms the point of water vantage point. In order to ensure maritime surveillance of wildlife, you can get on a boat that offers trips, where you & # 39; I log onto orcas, gray whales, Gorbachev, sea lions, otters, seals, sea birds and more. Depending on the time of year you are on the water will determine which types you will see, but sometimes, # 39; will even see wild salmon, it flows into the river and be in awe as the jump in thousands around you.

Arrival in Vancouver on a cruise or leave on a cruise is a special experience. Starting from the beautiful docks in the city center across from Stanley Park your ride in the open sea, you will never forget the sights. While you are in the city of Vancouver, consider car rental Pacific Car Rentals in Vancouver. Pacific car rental is a few blocks from the harbor and offer a pick up and drop service. They & # 39 are a very convenient and affordable option ground transportation for guests arriving on a cruise ship.