Gold panning in Alaska


Alaska with & # 39 is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many of those attending today drawn by the beauty of nature and a wealth of outdoor activities available. In the late 1800s, a flood of people were brought to Alaska for another reason; gold. Many new settlements were established as a result. Many of these settlements, Fairbanks, Juneau and Nome, still exist today.

If you are visiting Alaska today, you will find evidence of the state due to the extraction of gold almost everywhere you go. With events held at places like Fairbanks Golden Days jewelry gold nugget gold and depicts a frying pan, you are sure to find at local gift shops.

While many consider gold things of the past, there is still gold in the hills and streams of Alaska today. In fact, most recently a huge gold and copper deposit was found about 235 miles southwest of Anchorage, close to Lake Iliamna.

If you plan to visit Alaska, you can consider doing a little exploration of gold alone. You never know what you might find. One of the most popular methods for the detection of gold panning. During the gold rush in the 1800s, it was the preferred method used by miners. In Alaska, today there are still a few places where you can pan for gold, and does not worry about being accused of jumping a claim. These are public places open to the public for recreation gold panning and sluicing, but you can not apply. Office of the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Department of Natural Resources in Fairbanks will provide information about these fields, including maps.

Before you get started, you need to pick up the necessary intelligence material. You should be able to find what you need in the local shops supply the mining industry and discounters. Please consider the choice of tools and methods that you use in your search for gold. Avoid anything that may adversely affect nature and the environment.

Well, you are ready to find your destiny? The following areas are open to the public for recreation gold panning and sluicing. You may use gold pans, metal detectors, sluice boxes and rocker boxes in these areas.

Bachelor Creek: Located 80 miles north of Fairbanks, just past the Montana Creek Steese highway, it is a remote area that does not provide camping facilities. Once you get there you will have to hike about 4 miles in the production area.

Nome Creek: Located north of the Steese Highway in the White Mountains National Recreation area, there are three campsites in the area. Such a & # 39; facilities like toilets (annex) and drinking water are provided, but the rest of the fee is charged. Gold was first discovered here in the early 1900s and has a rich history of gold finds.

Pedro Dome: Located about 25 miles north of Fairbanks, this is where Felix Pedro discovered gold in 1902. Area with & # 39 is relatively small, about 1 acre in size. There are no toilets (outhouses), and you'll need to bring your own drinking water and food.

Several more areas you can try with & # 39 are Caribbean Creek and Dalton Highway.

Some of these areas are very remote. Attached to your provider, you will need the necessary exploration exterior materials and equipment. If you really are not looking for the wilderness experience, but you still want to enjoy the excitement to find gold, there are other options.

There are several companies located in the Fairbanks area, with tours of mining towns and districts. These companies usually provide you with all you need to do a little pan. Some even "stock" of the sand, so you can be sure not to go home empty-handed.

Here are a few you can check:

Klondike Gold Dredge Travel Company, Skagway, Alaska

El Dorado Gold Mine, 1,3 Mile Elliott Hwy, Fox, AK 99709

Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost, Box 70, Chicken, Alaska 99732

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun searching for gold in Alaska. And who knows? You just might go home with a pair of gold nuggets.


Get back to nature on an adventurous vacation in Alaska


Alaska is known as one of the best places in the world for wildlife and adventure holidays and with good reason – its combination of mountains, glaciers, chopped coastline and large tracts of land uninhabited makes it ideal for those who want to get back to nature.

When it comes to booking vacations in Alaska, you'll probably find that the summer months with & # 39 are the most favorable when it comes to carrying out a wide range of adventure – although it does not mean that you will not find much to do during the winter,

Among the proposed measures to the & # 39 are sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and dog sleding – depending on what area you are visiting.

National parks provide the most popular destinations for people who are looking for an outdoor adventure, so you can start your break in one of these desert regions.

If you want to get a sense of the coast of Alaska, the Ken Fjords National Park with a & # 39 is the place to go. You are more likely to find yourself is based in the small town of Seaward, where you will have easy access to the boats through the boats and kayaks.

To get an overview of the area and its wildlife, you may find that a cruise with & # 39 is the best option. From the deck you can watch as a mile of untamed coast passing by, along with icebergs. In the distance, you will also be able to make of glaciers and mountains that are in this region.

If you are lucky and time your visit right, you may be able to identify some of the large marine mammals that can be found in the waters of Alaska. Among them, whales and humpback whales, killer whales and stellar sea lions.

Other residents are often found along the shore of sea otters and eagles, but you really have to keep your eyes open if you want to catch a glimpse of the former.

Of course, sea kayaks are another great way to see the coastline and you'll be surprised by the peace and tranquility as you pull away from civilization. It is strongly recommended to go on these trips with a guide who knows the water due to the fickle nature of the out & # 39; I.

Guidance will also be able to lead you to the best seat that gives you the opportunity to stretch their legs and explore some of the beaches and bays that you see along the way.

Therefore, on dry land, there is also plenty to see and do, from the beautiful forest paths, hiking to see the glacier in all its glory.

While you could quite easily spend the entire Alaskan adventure vacation in a national park, there is so much to explore, it would be a shame to limit yourself to one area.

Denali National Park with the & # 39 is one of the most famous – and most visited – reserves in Alaska, in part because he & # 39 is home to the highest peak in North America – Mount McKinley.

This impressive mountain stands at more than 20,000 feet high and the most impressive thing is the landmark that its base is located at an altitude of 2,000 feet, which means that more than 18,000 feet of rock, ice and snow up from the earth makes for impressive catcher.

Hiking with & # 39 is a great way to experience Denali National Park, with numerous trails to offer, giving you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. As in all areas of wildlife in Alaska, you will also find that he & # 39 is home to a wide variety of creatures, including wolves, bears, moose and caribou.

For a truly spectacular end of your trip, you can splash out and book your flight over some of Alaska & # 39; s glaciers and mountains. Taking to the sky will give you the opportunity to see the area in a different light – and, of course, to evaluate the size of its empty regions.

But Alaska is not only about the desert and spend time in its largest city, Anchorage, can be the perfect way to experience the contrast of modern life with nature. Home to half of the state and # 39, S of the population, is a thriving metropolis, where you can expect to find a host of amenities and entertainment.

Why not book your Alaskan adventure today and start preparing for the celebration of life?


Learn about the Iditarod Race and Musching dogs in Alaska


In Alaska, the official state sport of dog sledding race. Alaskans have always appreciated the reliability and the historical value of the old ways of sled dogs. Mechanical transport such as snowmobiles and snow machines, of course, very important to the people of Alaska, but many still hold their own dog team. Some people like to keep 2 to 10 sled dogs just for fun holiday MUSHing, while others retain their teams to work and sled racing competition.

Celebrating Alaska sled dog racing and sled races ranging from local club is responsible for the World Cup. These races are held during the winter months. The sled race teams use 7-16 dogs. Teams can replace any dog ​​during the race and for the cumulative time determining the winner of the heat. Speed ​​races usually run for about 12-30 miles and lasts from two to three days. Many excitation of these events. Long distance race, probably the most famous of them all. These include the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

These dog teams and their drivers not only compete with other teams, but they also have to contend with the harsh elements of the Alaskan countryside. Sometimes musher and his dog team can find themselves in the middle of a dangerous snow storm. If this happens, winning the race could take a back seat and survival, in turn, becomes a priority. It is reported in the past races, some drovers would sacrifice their chances of winning, to help a fellow of the driver and his dog, which, unfortunately, are stuck in slaughter storm and needed help. There are other dangers along the trail however. Moose will attack dogs, and deviating from the course can also be a problem. In addition, the disease of the musher and his dogs is possible, and complete exhaustion and physical stress of the race can certainly have a negative impact.

Of all sled dog races, the Iditarod race, probably gets the national press and a & # 39 is the best known of Americans and people around the world. It follows the old mail route, which started in Knik, just north of Anchorage and continued northwest to finish in Nome. This old postal route was burned in 1910. The modern race Iditarod runs about 1,100 miles and crosses two mountain ranges. Furthermore, it should for Yukon for about 150 miles and passes through several of villas. The trail crosses the even floating ice on Norton! As you can imagine, that this race is really a test of physical and mental strength and determination! With all the obstacles that the musher and his dogs have to face and overcome, you can imagine the thrill and excitement of the winners and all the other teams that are managed and / or have completed this historic race! One of the most famous trails all on this old mail trail took place in 1925, when Leonhard Seppala and his dog team brought thousands of rescue units of diphtheria serum noma, Alaska, where the epidemic broke out. Currently, snowmobiles and helicopters to replace dog sleds on the job, but at the time, bold and daring rescue management Seppala was a godsend for people perturbed Nome.

Iditarod race was conceived and organized in 1967, Joe Redington Sr .. and Dorothy Letter Wasilla, Alaska. The first race cover only 56 miles, and then in 1973 it was extended to today & # 39; s 1,100 miles. In 1973 Iditarod race began in Anchorage March 3. It ended on April 3 at Nome. This race was run every year since. A few years later, Congress has developed the Iditarod as a National Historic Trail in 1976. The dog sled race and Iditarod in Alaska brings romantic notice in men and # 39; s thoughts about the old ways of survival and transport in the far north. Nice to know that the dog musher and their remarkable and courageous teams are still working the track today. A special reminder of this tradition Iditarod race, which has forged its place in American history.


Russian Dating in Alaska – Can foreign bride Solve the needs of women of Alaska?


Legend has it that Alaska has a shortage of available women & # 39 demographic is absolute fact, but, ironically, just across the Bering Strait, there are many hot Russian brides who are looking for the foreign husband because Russia actually has a deficit of free men.

According to the 2000 census, there were 114 single men for every 100 Alaskan Alaskan woman living alone, but these figures are really too rosy, because Alaska has become the home of great flourishing lesbian community. Thus, the evidence for the lonely man of Alaska is actually worse than the numbers would indicate. Lack of available single women so bad in fact it is a & # 39 is the subject of a lot of bad jokes: What do you call a beautiful woman in Juneau? Tourist!

The problem for the Russian women, no matter how attractive a & # 39 is that men tend to die young from the use of a scale that is hard to imagine. Until recently it was thought that they drank a little more than twice as much as men from the US or the EU. However, some British researchers believe that the difference was sufficient to explain the significantly higher levels of alcohol poisoning and liver failure, until they realized that many Russian men also consume large amounts of commercial alcohol in the form of items such as cologne, antifreeze and household cleaners.

Thus, it is not really surprising that the average life expectancy for men in Russia is only about 58 years, and many men are already suffering from health problems related to alcohol before they reach 40. To make matters worse, n & # 39; Janka, which has really become a huge problem just after the fall of the Soviet Union, has also led to an explosion of violence in the family & # 39; and, and that & # 39 is the main factor to stimulate women from Russia and many other Eastern European regions, to register as mail-order brides.

Yes, it seems that Russian women are looking for a husband and Alaskan men are looking for wives would be a match made in heaven.

First, the standard of living in Alaska is much higher than in Alaska and Alaskan most men could support his wife in the style that most Russian women just dream about.

Secondly, there are many women in Russia, with a population of more than 140 million easily meet the needs of people in Alaska, and that's not even counting women from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Third, outside of Alaska & # 39; e is not going to scare the Russian girl, or any other woman from Eastern Europe. Even Crimea can get brutally cold in winter.

Fourthly, many women, hot enough to melt the permafrost. In general, women in the old Soviet bloc obsessed with beauty and fitness, and even the average woman in Moscow or Kiev will turn heads in Fairbanks.

So why do not more men pursue Alaskan mail order bride from Russia or other Eastern European countries. Perhaps the main reason is that they do not really understand how the modern international dating industry. They are probably worried about being scammed, but today marriage agency industry is very concerned about scammers. Men who use a good agency and a little common sense, probably no more likely to be fraudulent than any guy does when he meets a pretty girl, anywhere, and perhaps even less. Indeed, single men and Alaskan beautiful Russian bride seems like a match made in heaven.


Cruising to Haines and the Hubbard Glacier, Alaska


On our cruise to the coast of Alaska, we visited Haines, who & # 39 is a short journey to the north of Skagway. This is one of the more beautiful cities and a connecting road to the Alaska Highway. It is close to the coastal mountain range and is located on a wooded peninsula. Here we had to go to the Bald Eagle Preserve Chilcat raft through the valley. We were prepared with boots and lifejackets and separated from the eight to the inflated raft.

"Where an outboard motor?" I asked.

In fact, the water is too small, and we were guided down the fast flowing river by rowing. shallowness of the river is a salmon to be seen eagles, which are present in large numbers. Soon, he was alone on the water's edge. Personally, I think that the "bald" with the & # 39 is an unflattering description of such a magnificent bird. White Lane & # 39; e on top of her head and neck give it a majestic appearance. They stand in contrast to the black feathers on its wings and body.

Every so often the raft grounded on the shingle, and our guide became very energetic; raised us to the deep water, we were jumping up and down on a raft, to release it. We passed under the eagle sits 10 meters above us on the branch. The raft was nothing, but also rotates here and there giving everyone a view of the magnificent 360-degree views.

Passengers do not take the tour to find a city, suitable for walking. Alternatively, it was a full range of activities on board. bingo; entertainer in the tasting bar or in the lounge of guilt. Fully equipped gym was open from 7 am to 8 pm. Enthusiasts could be seen training before breakfast, even if they were not in a disco until 3 O & # 39; o'clock in the morning. Our evenings are often spent at the theater, song and dance revue had practiced and polished as I've seen anywhere. The acoustics were excellent too, you could hear every word in every part of the theater.

Hubbard Glacier was an event in the second half of the next day. We slowly ventured to the blue ice of the glacier. Around us were miniature icebergs caused by icebreaking from the end of the ice as he & # 39; leaves from the rock. Some of them were large enough to swim a person. Glacier six miles wide and 75 miles. It glows with this pure soft blue color, which is a 39 & # is characteristic of light reflected from the compressed ice. On deck was crowded with people who are looking for photo opportunities. The scene had a special kind of beauty not seen elsewhere on this cruise, or any other in my experience.

Kechitan was our last stop before returning home. We went to the Mountain Lake Canoe Adventure for two and a half hours. It was not a tour for enthusiastic canoeists, but it's good for a first timer.

We could take a cruise in conjunction with the review of the Rocky Mountains, but it would be the second time for us.


Alaska in Jack London Eyes


Alaska, wild and vast, with & # 39 is one of the treasures of the world – a huge landscape of cloud-swept peaks, deep blue lakes and mammoth glaciers. Between its mountain ranges stretch endless forests and tundra plains where wolves howl from their lookouts and herds of migrating caribou flow like dark waves across the countryside.

while Inland from Anchorage to & # 39 is another great mountain wall, the Alaska Range, with Mount McKinley and Denali National Park as its central part. McKinley floats over the landscape like a cloud catching the sun. Called Dan ( "the big one") at the Athabaskan Indians, the mountain was renamed in 1986. Its south summit, the highest point in North America, it was the first to reach the climbers in 1913.

Huge inter & # 39; er Alaska extends to the north, extending to ice Brooks.

The internal climate is characterized by extraordinary extremes. In the middle of winter, when a & # 39 is the sun for a few hours in the day, the temperature rarely rises above the height above the ground. In midsummer, the days last longer than 20 hours, temperatures often reach the 70s and residents of cool water skiing on the lakes and rivers.

It is a land of clear sky and wide horizons, in a chaotic mountain, wide valleys and winding rivers. Mightiest of the Yukon River, which flows about 2,000 miles from northern Canada to the Bering Sea. The mountains are clothed in dense temperate rainforest hemlock, cedar and spruce. Many of the trees are designed for pulp mills in Ketchikan and Sitka but those that are left uncut in the deep valleys reach heights of 200 feet and live a thousand years or more. The forest provides a protected home for bears, mountain goats and mule deer. Bald eagles nest in ancient snags overlooking bays wandered seal and humpback whales. And every summer millions of salmon swarm in the streams to spawn.

Jack London described the Yukon in the "Call of the Wild", when it was inhabited by hermits, hunters, trappers and prospectors. Even today, you can find the same robust species that live in remote cabins and river banks sat. But the days are gone when hordes of prospectors followed the Yukon northward – the odyssey that left some people are rich, some poor and some are buried under the snow.

Most of today's adventurers come looking for wildlife, not gold. Even residents of Fairbanks, the largest city inter & # 39; er, get a taste of frontier life – when the thermometer reads – 50º F and shiny curtains aurora dancing in the night sky; when the main streets are closed to Dog sleds; and when moose drop in to see the bush in suburban backyards.

Beyond Fairbanks lie limitless stretches of forest, wetlands and peat large number of three million lakes in Alaska. For millennia, Athabaskan Indians lived wild lands, the game capturing for food. Currently, they are hunted with rifles, snowmobiling and a trip to the boats. Times may change, but not all of the old ways are forgotten. In some trapline cabins along the border of the forest, the elders can be found to teach children how to fish tail snowdrift or how to transport the pair of moose in a boat made out of his own skin.


Alaska: Amazing leader in alternative energy technologies


Alaska is known for its oil and natural gas. Rich deposits of fossil fuels to power American cars and houses, as well as in Alaska's economy for decades. Indeed, because of the intense amount of oil pumped from Alaska & # 39; s north slope, each Alaskan received a deposit the check from the Permanent Fund dividends each year.

What most people do not realize that Alaska can also be one of the leaders in the development of alternative energy technologies. Last Frontier rich geothermal energy sources. Alaska also & # 39 is home to many rivers that could provide hydropower. And the wind, especially around the coastal areas, is ubiquitous in Alaska, providing huge potential of wind energy resource just waiting to be collected. Even solar energy can not be considered in Alaska, with long summer days. Here are some of the latest developments of non-fossil fuel-based energy sources available in the largest US state.

Wind power with a & # 39 is one of the fastest growing sources of energy in order to bring on stream. Kodiak community plans to meet 95% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, with wind. Kodiak has recently invested $ 21.5 million in a wind turbine, which started its operations in 2009, wind energy alone to save the community of 800,000 gallons of oil-based fuel per year, worth about $ 2 million. Another example is the island in the Bay of Fire Cook, south of Anchorage. The wind farm is built there that will produce enough energy to heat and light 19,500 homes.

Geothermal energy is also available. Consider Resort Chena Hot Springs, which is miles away from any electrical network. Here 400 kW geothermal power plant provides all the energy needs for the site. There are also 40 active volcanoes in Alaska and more than 100 other hot springs, all of which offer potential sources of geothermal energy that can be used. The great advantage of geothermal energy from the & # 39 is that it is accessible 24/7, regardless of the conditions outside & # 39; I, unlike solar or wind energy.

Water provides another potentially rich resource of energy, thus differs from the conventional hydroelectric. Alaska has some of the world & # 39; s largest tidal fluctuations, offering another rich and predictable source of energy. Ocean Renewable Power Company plans to test tidal energy produced in Cook Inlet, by installing a turbine in order to use the fast current, as a result of tidal movements there. If successful, renewable energy for thousands more houses will be available.

Even biofuels get some game in Alaska, although to a lesser extent than other renewable energy sources. In the case of Alaska, biofuel production sources will be wood, fish by-products, sawmill residues and municipal waste.

Alaska makes a wise investment now in the field of renewable energy sources in the future. If the script is successful, Alaska may be the country's leader in the field of renewable energy.


Alaska Salmon Fishing


Alaska has a well-developed tourism sector that welcomes thousands of anglers from around the world each year. Since Alaska is such a huge area of ​​land with a long coast line and numerous streams and rivers, you can enjoy secluded wildlife fishing without having to express the crowd other anglers.

Sport fishermen traveling to Alaska, as a rule, to purchase an all-inclusive trip, because it means that they can focus entirely on fishing and waste no time in finding housing, worry about the logistics and search restaurants, staying away from any city. Since many parts of Alaska are not available conventional cars, finding a fishing trip arranger that can provide you with small serviced aircraft, SUVs and fishing boats from the & # 39 is a very good idea. Having someone to care about the mechanisms of food intake, if you are in the desert, also appreciated by many sport fishing.

When you start shopping around for travel consultant, you should ideally compare different travel arranger before you choose one. Use the internet and compare prices and services online, and feel free to send an email or call different companies to find out the details that are important to you. When you look around for the trip arranger, it may be useful to bear in mind that Alaska is divided into six regions: Southwest Alaska, Southeast Alaska, Alaska Interior, South and Central, Ken and Kodiak region. Southwest Alaska, where you will find a large Bristol Bay; the area is very popular among sport fishers. Southeast Alaska will contain fishing destinations such as the cost of the island of Wales, while the Alaska Inter & # 39; er, where you should go if you want to enjoy fishing in the Copper River. South Central is situated next to Prince William and Ken, of course, the region in which you'll find Ken River. Finally, Kodiak area where you can fish for salmon in the famous river Kodiak.

If you really want to splash out during your Alaska salmon may choose one of the most exclusive private islands, where you will enjoy a first-rate location, top restaurants and even cherish the sauna and steam rooms after a long day of fishing. Others prefer a more rough and traditional way of life is quite simple huts during their fishing and enjoy life away from any sign of civilization. Chop your own wood, and create a cozy fire, cook your catch of the day in the old fashion oven and evening in candlelight or look at the stars far away from all the stress of city living.

If you examine the different types of accommodation, it is very important to find out how many people they can accommodate. Some private organizers Alaskan trips will only be able to get a few people, which makes them a great alternative if you are traveling alone or with a small company, but less suitable if you are a & # 39; is part of a large group.


Alaska Cruises – Watch the majestic landscape of the Last Frontier


Alaska cruises are very popular, thanks to the scenery, which is breathtaking beauty and natural wonder on a large scale. The Last Frontier & # 39; s majestic landscape, perhaps best seen in Alaska cruises, especially for first time visitors. When choosing a cruise, there are some things that need to be considered. These cruises are actually all 7 days, with some exceptions. For more in-depth experience, you can choose the Alaska cruise tour that adds land to your cruise. Cruise tours are long, usually 10 to 12 days, including the cruise, but there are things to do for as long as three weeks.

Big ship Alaska cruises, staying in floating cities. They have casinos, health clubs, cinemas, restaurants, lounges, and a lot of live music. They are quite luxurious. Princess Cruises to the & # 39 is one of the major players in the cruise industry in Alaska. They have four cruise ships that service in Alaska. They Coral Princess, Diamond Princess, Island Princess and Sapphire Princess. Holland America cruises tend to appeal to older travelers. Their ships have a traditional atmosphere with service to match. Their ships to Alaska & # 39 are Ryndam, Statendam and Veendam in. Several other major cruise lines servicing Alaska. They include Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Small ship Alaska cruises:

If you want a more intimate cruise experience, consider a small ship. Many small cruise to focus on special interests, like bird watching or glaciers. Scientists often accompany cruises put the sights in the long term. Small court can get to places that larger ships can not go. In addition, they have a lot more flexibility with their schedule. Small capital often ask their passengers that they want to see, or where they want to go. Small ships cruises may cost more than the big ships. In addition, they have less comfort and convenience. However, if you care more about making up close and personal with nature in Alaska than you about how to pamper yourself, then little can be guides for you.

Princess Cruises offers panoramic perspectives of the wonders of nature. The monumental nature of the glaciers & # 39; s draw and Alaska & # 39; s waterways show more of these exciting Ice Age guys than anywhere else on earth. Alaska & # 39; Inside Passage s is one of the most picturesque sea-lanes in the world, where they live eagle, whales, sea lions, otters, brown bears, mountain goats and flocks of seabirds. Also, you & # 39; visit the many wonderful ports of call, full of rich history and native culture.

Holland America Cruises allow you to watch the whale bread and eagles soar, how do you spend the whole day in Glacier Bay National Park. You travel through Alaska and # 39; th sublime beauty and frontier ports in unsurpassed luxury and comfort. On Holland America Line & # 39; s spectacular 7 day Alaskan cruise vacation, you get a large selection of Alaska cruise itineraries than any other cruise line. Holland America with & # 39 is the only cruise line to offer Glacier Bay National Park on all three major cruise itineraries. Their spacious, medium-sized ships carry fewer guests, which provide quiet corners and unlimited views.

When To Go In Alaska Cruises:

The most popular time to go to Alaska cruises & # 39 is June, July and August. This is when the weather & # 39; e is the warmest in Alaska. Expect to pay more just for cruises during this time. May and September with a & # 39 is the shoulder season. Weather & # 39; e is less predictable, but the Gulf of Alaska are still available for large cruise ships. You can get the best prices for the shoulder season. A few small cruise ships to sail in April. It still can be very cold in April and early May. Consider this, if you book your cruise.


Camping in Alaska


Camping is always a good way to see the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the wildlife. Chugach State Park with the & # 39 is the first park that I read about, it is located in south central Alaska, and it is about one and a half million acres. South Central Alaska contains a wide ocean coastline, abundance of lakes, huge glaciers and ice fields. Park is located 7 miles east of downtown Anchorage, and its western border lies in the western peradgor & # 39; pits Chugach Range. Chugach is the name of the indigenous population, which previously inhabited the senior cook.

Currently there are many parks located in the inter & # 39; EASURES Alaska. Some of them taught my mind as I read about them. Alaska Tok looks beautiful; it is near the upper valley of the Tanana River, at the foot of the mountain at the end of the Alaska Range. Current is near the historic gold mines, wildlife, forests and vast interior Alaskan rivers. Tok area allows entering Alaska Highway through Alaskan first opportunity to explore the Alaska Range. There are three recreation areas in Tok, which will allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy the Alaskan wilderness.

Eagle Trail State Recreation Site is located 16 miles south of Tok and visited by tourists traveling between Tok and Glennallen. While on the Eagle trail has several historic sites that you should check out. Valdez-Eagle Trail, Old Slana highway, and Washington-Alaska Military Cable and telephone system (WAMCATS) great historical places to see. Lake Moon State Recreation Site is located 15 miles northwest of Tok and & # 39 is a popular place for locals. Moon Lake has a number of campsites to enjoy the lake and all it can offer. You may even be lucky to see a few pilots shrub land on the shore of the lake. River Tok State Recreation Site is very popular among tourists and is located 4.5 miles east of Tok. There are 43 campgrounds and campfire area group is provided on the sandy shore of the river Tok. This park is located on the east bank of the river Tok and allows the boat and floating down the river.

Upper Chatanika State Recreation Site with & # 39 is a 73-acre park, which is located at mile 39 on the highway Streese. This recreation area is popular among tourists and vacationers from Fairbanks. Then there is the Lower Chatanika State Recreation Area is about 400 acres and is located near mile 10.5 on the Elliot Highway. It is also 10 miles canoe trip from the Upper Chatanika. Lower Chatanika offers many things to do all year round. Such as options, including: Camping, fishing, picnicking, hiking, berry picking, Boating / Floating, ATV handling / snow, ice fishing, dog sledding, Night Sky view, and cross-country skiing, to name a few.

Now, I only went to a few places to camp. I'll keep checking Alaska and write a few more places. Those few that I have mentioned will be the first place I check when I get to Alaska.