With passion for ice cream; Alaska & # 39

Alaskans have a lot of ice cream. A few associations that keep track of such things put his signature on this fact. Records show that Alaskans consume more ice cream than any other state in the United States record also shows that the average American with a & # 39; eats rough 4 gallons of ice cream per year, and that Alaskans with & # 39; have a little more than average. This can add to a lot of ice cream. It & # 39; first rumors that Alaska & # 39; record with may even include the whole world, but there & # 39; s just another there is no evidence anywhere.

Now do not think that Alaskans will only have any ice cream. Alaskans eat ice cream all year round, never get tired of it, and are more than willing to pay for the good stuff. They are pretty picky people. About 15 years ago the famous American ice cream chain went out of business in Fairbanks, Alaska. Someone did not appear on a small Alaskan town (small then) being so special about their ice cream. They need to & # 39; ve thought that Alaskans were desperate that they could get. Probably & # 39; Name & # 39; brand will guarantee them a good business there in that 50 – 70 below 0 in winter part of the world. They sure could & # 39; ve used the Alaskan Business Tour Guide. They were informed that the name alone does not mean anything for Alaskans. They expect that the quality of the equivalent, they are waiting for him with all their goods and services.

Alaskans and those who later in life decided to live there, in general, with the & # 39 are rough and tough bunch, because a large part of Alaska's rough and tough life. As opposed to all this and # 39; s pristine beauty and grandeur, there are difficulties, to live in the & # 39; Last Frontier, that one can not imagine one without living there for some time; at least, a good pair of harsh winter and summer. In many parts of Alaska, people should create their own convenience. Hard work with & # 39 is an understatement most of the time, and very few amenities available. In short, Alaskans work and wait for the best quality for your dollars. It & # 39; S Quality or they go anywhere without apology.

Another is the American ice cream chain opened for the first time in Alaska a few years ago. They too were in Alaska bank & # 39; s passion for good ice cream. This husband and wife team had the advantage, though. Wife was born and raised in Alaska. She knew that Alaskans enjoyed. During a visit that Alaskans call the lower 48, they are absolutely ofigel over the ice cream they bought a new premium ice cream and yogurt shop. It is not a privilege, but as long as they believed that it would work in Alaska. They also know that they can not take any shortcuts, if they want to succeed. Thus, after the investigations, they had to convince the company that they were not Var & # 39; crazy that Alaskans really loves ice cream. Nia until they showed them the statistics of Alaska and # 39; s consumption of ice cream did they begin to take on a couple of verses of & # 39; ozna franchising company. It took about five years, but they opened their first store in Anchorage. It was hard work, but the assumption is paid off better than expected, and has expanded to Ken a couple of months ago.

The difference? Ice cream was just a good quality ice cream, with no short cuts. Not so surprising details about this new chain of ice cream it Var & # 39; Jacek high prices, which, by the way, until now, Alaskans were prepared to pay. Hey, if Alaskans loved him, it should be good.

Cruising to Alaska from Vancouver? Three secrets you need to know

1.Arrive in Vancouver, at least one day before the cruise sails. Of course, I may be a little biased, but Vancouver is one of your main ports of call on this cruise. So often I & # 39; I saw the cruiser fly to Vancouver on the day of their cruise out and completely miss this beautiful city. In addition, an extra layer of stress to make your ship on time, there is no way to start your vacation, if everything does not go according to plan. All it takes is one missed the connection plane, a mechanical difficulty, the problem at the border, or bad out & # 39; s and your right to leave may be spoiled. Believe me, the ship will not wait for you in Vancouver, if you are late and you are solely responsible for his ship on time. Not only that, but the ebb and flow of sailing from Vancouver make it so that the captain, in many cases you must leave on time, or at risk held in port for a few hours until he and # 39; s safe to leave again. There are incredible tours and attractions in Vancouver, and if you can swing while it is certainly worth it. The same applies to your day of & # 39; Out – why end quite good cruise vacation, highlighting or not you will be doing his ship in time to make it ridiculously early flight home?

2. How to get to the ship. There are several ways to do this depending on whether or not you will be totally ignored tip number one and try to go straight to the ship, or wherever you're going to go straight to the hotel. 2015 is the first season in a long time that only Canada Place will be used for cruise departures and thank God for that! Those of you who may have cruised on the "other" pier known as Pier Ballantyne in the past, no doubt agree with me that it was a disappointing start to cruise, to say the least. Ballantyne Pier is bad outside of the downtown core and away from the main hotels in the city. Fortunately for you, Canada Place, where your ships departure destination is almost certain to be this year. The cruise terminal is located in Canada, a place that is very close to many hotels, taxis and the Canadian line; Vancouver & # 39; first fully automated rapid transit train line. Some cruise lines offer bus transfers in the ship or in a hotel, but my recommendation is to do the math first. A taxi from the Vancouver airport in Canada with 15% tip will run you around $ 35 to $ 45 dollars Canadian, and takes about 30 minutes. Most of the ships purchased bus transfers will cost you about the same to the people, so they may not be the best deal if you are traveling solo. If you do not mind dragging your luggage all around and a few blocks to the train costs Canada Line just under $ 10 per person and is about 30 minutes trip to pier- not bad if you have a backpack, but with luggage and I # 39 ; d recommend against it. After you leave the train, you have to go to the ship, which is located about ten minutes from the train to the drop point Luggage ship. My first choice would be to organize the transfer of the pre-cruise tour agency, or perhaps private sedan to take you to the hotel. There are many tours and luxury trips that are available online or at the airport, and you have to organize it before you get on the plane. A private sedan or limousine, usually you about $ 60- $ 80 Canadian plus tip. If you are coming in early to know that most of the hotels to check the time between 3pm and 4pm, but any decent hotel will try to accommodate you early, or at least offer to keep your luggage on arrival until your room is ready.

3. When is the best time to come to the ship? Well, if you want to sit, to stand in line or wait in immigration go first thing in the morning. If you & # 39; re like me and would like to spend your day enjoying Vancouver or sleep in a bit you should carefully about what time you arrive at the cruise terminal at Canada Place board your ship to think. The time it takes you to get to the ship, from being dropped off at the dock can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from 20 minutes to 4 hours, depending on when you arrive and how many ships in port. Keep in mind that the ship is more than likely lose a few thousand visitors, who have just completed their cruise. It usually takes at least 10 hours to clear the ship from the departure of guests, and another hour before they once again arriving guests to start the test process. If your first port of call with the & # 39 is a Canadian port, such as Victoria or Prince Rupert, you're likely to be spared going through the United States immigration on the docks at Canada Place. If your cruise, but, like most Alaskan cruises, and your first port of Alaska, you will be more likely to go through US immigration inspection shortly before the courts to check in at Canada Place, so you need to have your passport handy. This procedure is usually performed in this order; baggage drop, search, US immigration processing, check the cruise line, and then, at that point, you & # 39; We have been waiting for all this time and landing on ships! Even if you are the first person on board the ship at 11 am, most of the ship including your cabin will not be available to you until around 1pm, when the staff finished cleaning of vessels and training of all for you. What this means is that the first two or three hours checking, you will have to sit or stand in a huge line, and then when you get on board when it is before 1pm, you will have to wait in public ship with hand luggage as long as they do not declare that your rooms are ready for ship and # 39; s PA. My advice is to enjoy Vancouver, and show a little later, in the early afternoon to check in instead of having to get to Canada Place at 9 am, so you can stand in line with 2,000 other guests. Having said that, make very sure, of course, that you check your sail single time and not leave it until the last minute either. You must be at berth for at least 90 minutes until the sail away in the end, like checking in, usually closed for at least one hour prior to departure.

So there you have it, the first of many tips for this year's cruise season in Alaska. Do not miss the next time I will tell you about what to expect on the first day on board, from how to get the upgrade room to what needs to be done on the first day of the cruise, and what can wait up to two days. By then, thanks for reading and Bon Voyage!

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Sockeye, the Steelhead salmon, brown trout, chum salmon, coho salmon and, of course, chinook; If the salmon in this class can be caught in Alaska waters, it's hard to keep the crowd away angler hopes. Quite justified was also too much Chinooks catch monsters or earned them a king salmon on the Alaskan waters, further tempting starter and fisherman ply their water and seek his fortune.

Chinook, without a doubt, the most coveted price of salmon in Alaska, although over the years its estuaries are also known to shelter a few giant halibut. But more or less, from Alaska & # 39 is more dominant with its endless run of salmon and soft veins of fishermen, who are still skeptical about the call of the King may waive other types, besides fire king salmon.

But they should avoid fishing for salmon Coho, or sometimes referred to as silver salmon, too. This type of salmon is perfectly in accordance with Chinook in tempestuousness; They are known to carry heavy acrobatics and tricks, if compromised, knocking novice anglers with less determination.

In general, the Alaska salmon with & # 39 is one dominant American sports fishing. Truth can catch salmon just about anywhere: Puget Sound, British Columbia, Arkansas, New York … but the diversity of salmon in Alaska in conjunction with the level of the game, the participating there (most professionals catching salmon heads to Alaska), Alaska salmon provides the best experience.

So, have I convinced you yet about the convenience of Alaskan salmon? Here are some starting places to compliment Alaska salmon adventure ideas.

Falls Resort

Waterfall Resort is only good for one thing. They hold an annual $ 100,000 King Salmon Kings tournament. Being a full-sized tournament with the participation of several professional fishermen, this makes it a powerful fine company indeed. The only catch is that you must be a resort guest to join the tournament. Nothing special, Waterfall Resort also has the best location in this part of Alaska. You may be interested to join.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge

You are planning a laid-back experience, where you can fish at any time of the day with less hassle? More personalized experience can be? Why not stay at one of the cabins along the coastal Ken River. Now, personalized fishing vacation with fishing right on your doorstep.

As for the Ken River, this is where Les Anderson became immortalized in 1985 with his salmon catch giant. It was a 97.4 pound king salmon. Only rival was a record one thousand nine hundred forty-nine chinook caught in Petersburg, Alaska. At 126 pounds it was much harder, though many are skeptical judge the lack of visual evidence.

Alaska Auto Insurance – Your minimum liability coverage

One thing that every driver has to be in Alaska is now known that there is always a minimum coverage in accordance with the law for every driver to have before they can drive legally in the state. Just in case you do not know about it, we'll look at what Alaska requires as a minimum liability coverage for each driver.

Firstly, we would have to define the coverage of the liability.

Liability insurance refers to a policy that protects you from financial responsibility of accidents, in which you are guilty. State asking to meet minimum liability wants to protect other road users of your possible negligence.

Alaska requires minimum coverage of $ 50,000 for bodily injury per person. There is also a minimum liability coverage of $ 100,000 for bodily injury in an accident. Bodily Injury coverage here refer to the costs resulting from medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income, etc. because of an accident in which you were at fault.

Alaska also requires minimum coverage of $ 25,000 for property damaged in the accident.

You would have noticed that the cover of the above does not give you any coverage for themselves or their property. It is strongly recommended that you get not only the required minimum of the state, as it may not be enough. You should be well lit for yourself and your property and your liability coverage should also be sufficient to fulfill the commitments that exceed minimum state. People have been known to lose their homes, savings and more just because they do not have sufficient coverage to meet the obligations arising in the form of legal costs, court costs and other damages.

We know that car insurance can be expensive, so we would try to find a way to help drivers in Alaska to find affordable auto insurance. Is it possible? Yes!

The simplest thing you can do is ask the insurance agent you may qualify for discounts to lower their rates. There are a number of discounts you can get this result in very significant savings for you. Getting affordable auto insurance begins with taking the time to compare auto insurance quotes fast. If you compare quotes, you put yourself in a position to find and access the most affordable insurance available.

Be sure to ask your agent about discounts available. You can also contact the Alaska Department of Insurance at 907 465-2515 for more information that could help you get the most out of your auto insurance coverage.

Do not forget to get and compare free quotes now.

Cruise Ship Review – 7 night Alaska cruise on Vision of the seas cruise ship

You are looking for breathtaking beauty, and a cruise of a lifetime? Maybe you should check the vision of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise ship and go on an Alaskan cruise you will never forget. Why Alaska?

Well, if you are already everywhere, from Alaska & # 39 it is the change in the situation, and it's not as hot as those other cruises with all the humidity. In addition, they rarely have any flash in cold climates, so it's safer too.

In the transition to the cruise ship does not fall later than 60 minutes before check-in time, otherwise departure you could try to connect with a cruise to another port on down the line, which means that it will be your responsibility to get on the ship, because he did not come back to you.

You can even leave the emergency number with your loved ones, but to tell them not to call you while on board the vessel as it costs about $ 7.95 per minute to call a ship in the middle of nowhere amongst some of the most beautiful views in world. Alaska with & # 39 is absolutely breathtaking in the summer time, there is no place on earth like this, you'll be surprised at the beauty.

When considering all the winged choice, we narrowed it down to the Alaska Cruise, and we are glad we did. Big ship in the Alaskan wilderness with the & # 39 is what life is all about. We are so glad that we chose such a great cruise, and you will too. So, please consider all this in 2008.

The importance of sustainable development measures for the Alaska Seafood

Many have heard about sustainable Alaska seafood, but not many actually know how and why sustainability is so important when it comes to the fishing industry. Consumers can choose a special Alaskan seafood, because they know that is guaranteed fresh, wild caught and sustained, or simply because they prefer the appearance, taste and texture of Alaskan products available. Sometimes doing the right thing for the environment can be a useful and tasty too! Sustainable Alaskan seafood entirely healthy eating or organic manie or a trend, but a way to manage Alaska fishing, which has been for many decades.

Maintaining sustainable seafood is a team effort, from biologists studying the actual kinds of seafood to fisheries, which should record the data on catches, to doctors who keep the laws of stability on the ground, a seafood lover like you, who choose the new sustainable products! Conservation laws were written in the Alaska State Constitution in 1959 and continue to be the driving force behind one of the most environmentally sound fishing in the world. Thus, the Alaskan fishery is considered a model for the rest of the world to work towards when it comes to the sustainability of natural resources in general, but especially when it comes to the fishing industry.

One example of a very effective measure to & # 39 is the placement of independent scientific observers on each fishing vessel for the production of certain types of recording catch data and other vital statistics. The second simply discard any sample that is too small, or a woman, as an extremely important measure yaw and shellfish industry, for example. The list continues to include the implementation of harvest limits equipment used and limits on permitted places of harvest.

Why is it necessary to record data on catches and to keep track of this meticulous seafood industry? The simple answer is to prevent the kinds of seafood from going extinct! Seafood consumption in the United States & # 39 is an industry of more than $ 50 billion, and that number seems to be growing every year. At the beginning of the 20th century, such as the catch data recording were back on the amount of harvested salmon, and the salmon population has taken a huge blow. If demand for seafood was quite happy, wild populations could soon determine the existence. It & # 39; so he and # 39; so it is important to maintain control and ensure excellent model stability, established in Alaska and # 39; s fishing.

Alaska Iditarod Sparks Controversy

Race in Alaska Iditarod is held each year in March ignites controversy over the treatment of dogs. This popular event, which is intended to commemorate Alaska's culture and heritage Alaskan Husky sled down the mountain and hilly terrain. MUSHing was a means of transportation in Alaska in the early years with a team of sled dogs that pull the sled with the driver on board.

The route for the year on the basis of race starts. Even numbered years, the routes run from Anchorage to Ruby. This northern route. In uneven numbered years, the route running from Anchorage to Unalakleet, the southern route. The distance of the race is about 1200 miles and a & # 39 is the longest sled dog race in the world.

The first Iditarod was held in 1973 and was reportedly 15 to 19 dogs died during the race. It is estimated that about 130 dogs have died since the first days of the race, when there was no official count taken of the number of deaths. Thus, the exact number of dog deaths in the early years is not known.

Over the past ten years we have shown death due to suffocation in towlines, internal bleeding, liver damage, heart failure and pneumonia. Also included as a reason for some of the deaths from the & # 39 is the deterioration of the muscles and organs of dogs during extreme exercise. There have been cases of drivers to push their dog to death by hitting them with sharp objects and sled dogs through the dangerous deep water and ice.

During the race, the dogs endure spinal injuries, bone fractures, inflamed paws, torn muscles, joint pains, dehydration and diarrhea. About half of the dogs who start the race are not able to make it to the finish.

In preparing the dogs for the race, reported that some dogs are injured or killed by a debilitating steps they are later. Training is carried out in remote areas of Alaska and many dogs have to pull very heavy loads. Strain to pull the load can cause the hip and spine injuries.

Drovers also criticized for culling dogs. They are accused of the murder of any puppies or dogs that do not meet the standards of good dog race.

Along the race track, there are about twenty checkpoints with the veterinarian on duty to provide medical care for the dogs. These control points are used as a recreation area for dogs and musher. The dogs were fed and allowed to rest at these checkpoints and any dog ​​that with the & # 39 is the sick or injured on the left of the checkpoint.

Veterinarians who care for dogs at checkpoints protect the treated animals, saying, say many untruths about dogs who work themselves to death. They argue that the number of deaths of dogs is normal, if you think you're talking about 1000 dogs, so three to five deaths out of 1,000 dogs are not alarming indicator. Nurseries that House of 1000 dogs can expect about 3 deaths in the two-week period.

Almost all the drovers with & # 39 are members of several groups of animal care products which contribute to responsible care, and humane treatment of dogs. They say that the stories about dogs and whip could not be further from the truth. They went out from exaggeration and causing protests from animal rights activists.

Mushers love their dogs, and argue that instinct Alaskan Husky with & # 39 is a run and pull the sled. That's what they were bred for, as well as bird dogs that hunt birds instinctively. Husky has been used for generations in Alaska to pull a sled, so it's easy for them, while it would be very difficult for some of the other breeds of dogs. Taking one ton sled off the ground with a & # 39 is that one Husky is able to do. Wear resistance with & # 39 is the strength of the company Husky.

Thus, the struggle between the pursuer and animal rights continues, as does the race itself. In the first race in 1973, the prize pool was $ 50,000. This figure rose to $ 500,000 in the race last year and the race is scheduled to run again next year in March, as always.

Huge benefits in the aroma of wild Alaska seafood

If you are a seafood lover, it is difficult to ignore the horror stories that come from around the world. With toxic Chinese seafood farms in unsanitary conditions Louisiana catfish breeding, it is difficult to say what is good and what is not, if you go to the market anymore. One thing you can be sure that the production in unpolluted waters give the quality of the catch. But it can discriminate against the consumer appeal in what direction?

Although it may depend on where you are, in most cases the answer will appear in the north-west. Alaska seafood stocks held strong to supply wild Alaska crab, shrimp, scallops, salmon and whitefish will continue to be collected in force. What is behind the Alaska system, which does not lag behind other major industries? You can see all the way back to the inclusion of Alaska, to see what happened.

Since the constitution was written in the late 1950s, it was clear that the protection of the marine environment had to be considered. In the end, when the number of these marine treasures continues to decrease, which will be the Alaska? The fate of the state, seemed tied to a population of wild crab in Alaska and other species. If these natural wonders have been delivered to the rest of the country in their proper form, the welfare of the population for an indefinite period may be warranted at some levels.

There is simply no comparison between the taste of wild crab in Alaska, for example, crabs harvested in the bays of New Jersey. The former has the cold waters of Alaska for spawning accumulated lovingly selection crab meal. Last abound contaminants acquired from irresponsible local authorities and big business. The reason why Alaska is sometimes the target of jokes (its small population, lack of urban development) for the same reason why its seafood remain in such excellent condition. This is in many ways the last frontier for seafood lovers. While other spots around the world fall on the card, wild Alaska seafood supply continues to flourish, keeping in mind these delicacies will be on the market.

Environmental reasons not to drill in Alaska

The debate about whether to lower drilling in Alaska was political

Hot potatoes for many decades. Though he & # 39 is home to one of the largest oil fields in

country, it is also a & # 39 is home to a large number of protected wildlife.

Since the energy crisis of the late 70s political debates between groups and

Alaskan citizens, drilling in Alaska is conducted in step with fever.

The recent rise in fuel prices has led this question more and more US citizens

attention. We are constantly looking for other places to get our fuel and

Alaska with & # 39 is our own backyard! However, wildlife is quite a dilemma

Deputy. Many are opposed to drilling in Alaska, for environmental reasons and have

legitimate reasons for their problems.

The main problem among Alaska Natives that drilling on the shore will

ultimately, lead to off shore exploration. Alaska Natives are concerned

that any off shore drilling would interfere with the migration of whales in Alaska.

Bowhead whale with & # 39 is an important part of national culture, life and diet.

The Canadian government is concerned that any development would disrupt oil

Caribbean migration patterns Porcupine herd. This is a clear problem

because the United States and Canada signed an agreement in 1987 that set out

protection and preservation for flocks and their migration routes.

In addition, there are other animals whose homes and habits will be affected

drilling. Birds, fish and polar bears – the list goes on. Scientists believe

it would upset the entire natural chain in this area, which may lead to

disgust for indigenous peoples and their cultures.

Many scientists believe that the development of industry in this untouched

The area of ​​the world will have a strong negative impact on the cultural survival

the indigenous population that survived and flourished in Alaska so far.

Abstracts society largely depends on wildlife and the natural environment

Alaska for their survival and existence. Alaska Native

fear of oil spills pollute their waterways again and irreparable damage

their beautiful pristine home. In addition, for many indigenous

many people in Alaska is considered sacred ground. This means that we would be

breaking not only the wildlife and culture, but also the religious part of his life

as well.

Scientists also worry about the consequences that oil technology will be in

climate and tundra. It should be noted that, despite the fact that drilling Sun

now in some areas, the effects of global warming

create one big change. In the absence of modern industry, at present the effects of

industry in other areas, melting glaciers, rising temperatures and the creation of

pollution already in Alaska. Many are concerned that the increased

local drilling would have on these issues is already exciting.

It should also be noted, many environmentalists and scientists that drilling in Alaska

only further postpone our inevitable need to focus on alternative energy sources

sources. Many people think that, instead of violating nature in Alaska, we

I should spend more time in the labs developing ways to heat our homes and power

our other cars other than oil. The amount of oil in the Alaskan reserves & # 39 is a very

discussed, but is still minimal at best and will not lead to long-term or unlimited

food, but the consequences of our efforts on exploration and drilling will

long-term and continuous, unlike the fuel supply .. Scientists raised point

we must invest in research and conversion to alternative fuel method,

than investing in a temporary solution, which exposes the potential for other


Great day trip in Alaska

Alaska with & # 39 is a huge country, and if you are planning to in the near future to visit any time, you're probably wondering what the best way to spend time is. How can you make sure that you get the most out of your time in the trip of a lifetime? What are the best places to see, to experience the beauty and culture of the Arctic States of America? Here are some of the best day trips available in the State of Alaska.

In Juneau, you'll want to visit the Admiralty Island to experience their viewing safari bear package that they offer. You will board a seaplane in Juneau and land on Admiralty Island, where you can take a picture of a bear safely on their eating grounds. Flight and holiday package with Taku Glacier Lodge & # 39 is another excellent option. You will fly into the wilderness lodge and enjoy a meal of smoked salmon dinner, and in search of native wildlife on the many trails around the lodge. If you are interested in being famous glaciers of Alaska, and then take the Glacier Bay National Park Cruise, who & # 39 is a day cruise around the national park, where you will revel in the beauty of icebergs, while the study of the history of their creation.

In Haines, you can see some of the rarest birds in the world, the American bald eagle. You can take a raft to save Eagle that soars you through the Chilkat Valley, where these majestic birds have been nesting for many years. You can also enjoy the beauty of the glaciers towering over you, taking your four-hour trip. To see Alaska Natives, consider taking Tlingit village of Klukwan tour. This tour allows you to explore some of the traditional customs of the people are growing in this area.

If your visit takes you in Seward, you will want to consider Wilderness sled ride. This tour will allow you to experience the thrill of the sled dog team that works as one to get you through the desert. Do not worry if there is not an abundant amount of snow, because these specially designed sled run with or without the white stuff. Be sure to spend some time seeing the puppies on the site! Seward also & # 39 is a great place to do a helicopter tour. You hover over some of America's most treasured mountains and take a short hike on Godwin glacier. While on the glacier Godwin, you can experience a team of snow dogs, no matter what the season!

If you decide to spend your vacation in Alaska Anchorage, then you want to experience the Portage Glacier Cruise. It is an affordable way to explore the icebergs that make the famous Alaska. It lasts about an hour, so that you can include additional Anchorage City Tour, which will allow you to explore the native history of the largest city in Alaska. Anchorage from & # 39 is a great city to establish a day trip to Denali National Park. You can fly there from Anchorage and take a bus tour through the park. This is the best way to ensure that you find some time wildlife park. This all day trip, so pack plenty of water and snacks! To view the marine life, head to Ken Fjords National Park Cruise where you will see the coast of Alaska, and many of its marine life. Keep your eyes to detect whale!